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A tool that helps porting as3 codebase to typescript

This fork has major improvements parsing and emitting code. It has also a custom node visitor that allows extending the default behaviour.

This project is a fork of simonbuchan/as3-to-typescript, which is a fork of the original as3-to-typescript implementation.

Projects ported using as3-to-ts


Option 1: via npm::

npm install -g as3-to-ts

Option 2: building the source:

Make sure you have Node v6+ installed.

  • Clone the repository
  • Run npm link

You should have as3-to-ts now globaly available in your commandline.


as3-to-ts <sourceDir> <outputDir> [--commonjs] [--visitors dictionary,stringutil,createjs] [--interactive] [--overwrite]


  • --commonjs: export .ts files using CommonJS's import style.
  • --visitors [name]: use custom visitors, separated by comma. implemented under src/custom-visitor/[name] (currently available: dictionary, stringutil, createjs)
  • --overwrite: force overwrite of previously-converted files.
  • --interactive: if you've manually changed a generated .ts file, you'll be asked if you want to overwrite it or not.

Known issues

  • super calls on constructor need to be moved as the first call after conversion.
  • having a comment on extends statement causes infinite loop parsint the .as file.
  • having break without a semicolon results in infinite loop parsing the .as file.
  • having a method without access level will throw Error: invalid consume. (usually this is result of bad copy & paste without renaming the class constructor)
  • having inline multiline comment break the parser (var i = (/*comment*/true))
  • namespaces can't have TypeScript keywords, such as enum, class, etc. (not an issue if transpiled using --commonjs)
  • multiple property definitions generate invalid syntax (public var velocityX:Number, velocityY:Number;)


This tool will not magicly transform your as3 codebase into perfect typescript, the goal is to transform the sources into syntacticly correct typescript, and even this goal is not perfectly respected. It also won't try to provide javascript implementation for flash libraries.

However unlike most attempts that I have seen this tool is based on a true actionscript parser, and so should be able to handle most of as3 constructs and greatly ease the pain of porting a large code base written in as3 to typescript.

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