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    Making use of open zeppelin defender

    This is the ideal setup to

    • Write Upgradeable and Secure Smart Contract
    • Deploy and verify smart contract


    To install this package run

    npm install @madeindreams/open-zeppelin-defender

    You will need to rename the .envexample to .env and edit it with the following

    MNEMONIC = " 12 words seedpharse"   (required)
    ETHERSCAN = "etherscan api key"     (optional - verification only)
    INFURA_ID = "infura ID"             (required)
    ALCHEMY_KEY = "Alchemy ID"          (optional - mainnet fork)
    MYADDRESS = "your wallet address"   (required)

    Once you are done save the .env file.

    ⚠️ Always ensure that the .env file is listed in the .gitignore file. The content is secret and you don't want to publish it.

    To Compile the smart contract use the command

    npm run compile

    to deploy your contract and own it with the deployer account use

    npm run deploy

    If you have a Gnosis vault use

    npm run deployGnosis

    To run the test

    npm run test

    If you want to verify that contract, once deployed, head to etherscan an veryfy the proxy. There is a button on the top right of the code textfield under the code tab on Etherscan. Select the verify proxy otion. Leave the proxy address in the field and click verify. It will fail but will return the address of your implementation. Copy this address and use it to verify your implementation in the terminal with hardhat. Note that you need the Etherscan API key in your .env for verification

    npx hardat verify --network rinkeby <the adress of the implementation>

    That's it. You compiled, deployed, and verified your contract.

    Now head to Defender and make a proposal or look at the tasks in hardhat-config.js to deploy some Upgrades.

    Make some changes the the sample contract and save it as MDEV2. run the following command

    npx hardhat upgrade

    This will upgade your contrct to the second version v2.




    npm i @madeindreams/open-zeppelin-defender

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