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    m-ld Javascript Engine

    m-ld is a decentralised live information sharing component with a JSON-based API.

    This repository is the code of the Javascript engine for m-ld, for node.js, modern browsers and other Javascript platforms. Typescript is supported and recommended.

    ci & website

    The project and documentation are built using typedoc, and delivered to the engine documentation website at https://js.m-ld.org/ using Vercel. This build includes unit testing.

    work in progress

    • Issues relating to this engine are logged on the Issues tab.
    • Contributions are welcome! Contributed work is governed according to a CAA, the GitHub Community Guidelines, and the privacy policy.


    Plug-ins such as remotes implementations in this repository are structured as:

    • Directories under src
    • Entries in package.json#exports like "./ext/socket.io": "./ext/socket. io/index.js"
    • Dependencies in package.json#peerDependencies and marked optional in package.json#peerDependenciesMeta. Also in package.json#devDependencies for unit tests.


    Scripts are run with npm.

    • The build script cleans, compiles, tests and generates documentation.
    • The dev script compiles and unit tests, and watches for changes (use dev+log to see console output).
    • The compliance script runs spec compliance tests (long-running).
    • The doc-dev script can be used after build to create a local web server watching for documentation changes.

    publishing (team only)

    This project uses semantic versioning. There are two main branches.

    • The edge branch is for pre-releases. Docs are delivered to edge.js.m-ld.org. A merge into edge should be immediately followed by a pre-release if it affects versioned components.
    • The master branch is for releases. Docs are delivered to js.m-ld.org. A merge into master should be immediately followed by a release if it affects versioned components.

    Only the unit tests are included in the build. Prior to publish remember to run the compliance tests script (ticket).

    VERSION=? npm publish builds the project, increments the version as specified with the VERSION variable (e.g. patch), pushes the code and publishes the package. Ensure the repo is up-to-date and on master (release) or edge (pre-release)




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