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This module contains a set of JavaScript class wrappers for the WebGL2 API.


This luma.gl sub-module contains a number of completely generic WebGL helper functions that luma.gl relies on. They are independent of the luma.gl API and of each other, and could possibly be of generic interest for other webgl programs or frameworks that don't want to use luma.gl itself.

Since all luma.gl code is MIT licensed you are of course welcome to copy these into your projects should you find them helpful.

Canvas Management

The canvas manages the default drawing buffer including the size of the default drawing buffer, so the canvas typically needs to be updated when the window resizes


Returns a promise that resolves when the page's HTML has loaded (meaning that any canvas specified in the HTML can now be queried by id).


Programatically creates a canvas element with a certain size and id, and inserts it into the documents body once the page is loaded (see getPageLoadPromise).


Gives a controlled interface to create a WebGL1 or WebGL2 context from a canvas.

GLSL Error Parser


A formatter for parsing errors and warnings from the GLSL compiler. see parseGLSLError.

  • errLog (String) - error log (from gl.getShaderInfoLog)
  • src (String) - original shader source code
  • shaderType (Number) - shader type (GL constant) Return (String) - Formatted string, has the error marked inline with src.


A parse for GLSL compiler error logs. Note that the format of the error logs generated by the GLSL compiler is defined the WebGL spec, so it is possible to portably parse these logs.

This function formats each GLSL shader compiler error or warning and generates text showing the source code around the error with marks pointing out where the issue was encountered.

  • errLog (String) - error log (from gl.getShaderInfoLog)
  • src (String) - original shader source code
  • shaderType (Number) - shader type (GL constant) Return (object) - with shaderName, errors and warnings fields (all strings).

WebGL Constants

GL (namespace)

All WebGL2 and extension constants exported as a single namespace GL. Allows constants to be referenced without tracking which version of WebGL or what extensions are available.


Resolves a WebGL enumeration name (returns itself if already a number)

getKeyValue(gl, name)

  • gl (WebGLRenderingContext) - gl context
  • name (String)


Returns a key that matches the number.

getKey(gl, value)

  • gl (WebGLRenderingContext) - gl context

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