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Run, bundle, or export apps and modules from a Hyperdrive or Localdrive

npm i @lukks/boot-drive

There is a boot CLI available at bootdrive-cli also.


First prepare the drive

const Boot = require('@lukks/boot-drive')
const Localdrive = require('localdrive')

const drive = new Localdrive('./app') // Or an existing folder app
await drive.put('/index.js', Buffer.from('module.exports = "Hello"'))

const boot = new Boot(drive)
await boot.warmup()

You can run it (executes the drive in the "sandboxed" Bootdrive runtime)

const exported = boot.start()
console.log(exported) // Returns the `module.exports` from inside the drive

You can bundle it (single string, runtime included, prebuilds folder if any)

const source = boot.stringify()
console.log(source) // Save it into a file or eval(source)

You can export it (minimal files, normal structure, no runtime)

const out = new Localdrive('./out') // Always use a new empty drive
await boot.export(out)


const boot = new Boot(drive, [options])

Creates a bootloader to run the drive.

Available options:

  entrypoint: 'index.js', // Main file to be run at start
  cwd: '.', // Working directory for `prebuilds/`
  absolutePrebuilds: false, // If `true`, will use `cwd` for the stringified prebuilds path
  magic: false, // Inherit magic constants `__filename` and `__dirname`, also `module`
  cache: {}, // Used at runtime for `require.cache`, you can share it between boots
  dependencies: new Map(), // Used in `warmup()`, you can share linker deps between boots
  additionalBuiltins: [], // For adding modules to be imported by Node's native `require`
  builtinsMap: {}, // Mappings of core builtins, e.g. fs -> bare-fs
  sourceOverwrites: {}, // Key/Value object where you can map filenames to source code
  host: require.addon.host || process.platform + '-' + process.arch, // Prebuilds sub-dir
  platform: process.platform, // Legacy
  arch: process.arch // Legacy

Magic mostly disables isolation, and it handles hashbangs for CLI binaries.

When running a drive, there is require.builtinRequire provided by the JS runtime itself.

await boot.warmup([entrypoint])

Prepares the prebuilds and the dependencies of the drive.

If entrypoint is not set, then it will try /package.json main property.

If it fails to find an entrypoint then it will use index.js by default.

const exports = boot.start([entrypoint])

Executes the drive, and it returns the module.exports from inside the drive.

absolutePrebuilds is always forced to be true by default when using boot.start().

const source = boot.stringify([entrypoint], [options])

Bundles the dependencies and source code of the drive into a single string.

Available options:

  exports: false // Uses module.exports for the returned value of the isolated function

The exports option is not needed if you enable the magic constructor option.

Without absolutePrebuilds native modules has to always be in ./prebuilds/ related to the source file.

await boot.export(drive, [options])

Generate the minimal files required for a standalone run, with no Bootdrive runtime.

Exporting won't prune past files. Use a new drive and later drive.mirror(dst, [opts]).

Control atomicity with the atomic option in Localdrive, and mirror with batch option.

Available options:

  entrypoint: null, // Same option as in the other methods above
  force: false // Include all files from all packages from entrypoints






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