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This is my eslint config.

Use it if you want to write code exactly like me. It's probably not that useful to you though.

I'll probably change stuff quite a bit and just bump the patch version, and leave major versions for when I don't want to update existing projects to lint against the latest config.

Things it does

  • babel-eslint (or just ES6 for node stuff)
  • react
  • Some stuff copied from standard
  • Some stuff copied from the old 0.x.y eslint defaults


npm install @lukekarrys/eslint-config eslint eslint-plugin-import --save-dev
# If the project does babel/react stuff 
npm install @lukekarrys/eslint-config eslint babel-eslint eslint-plugin-{babel,react,classes,promise,import} --save-dev
# Write eslitnrc configs for babel/react stuff 
echo '{\n  "extends": "@lukekarrys/eslint-config"\n}' > .eslintrc
# or if its not using babel 
echo '{\n  "extends": "@lukekarrys/eslint-config/no-babel"\n}' > .eslintrc