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Loop component library


npm i -S @loophq/component-library


Components can be imported by importing the component individually:

import BaseCard from '@loophq/component-library/BaseCard';

This is preferred because it allows for better code-splitting

Other methods

Components can be imported via named imports:

import { BaseCard } from '@loophq/component-library';

To import all and register globally (not recommended), run this in your main.js:

import LoopComponents from '@loophq/component-library';


Project setup

npm i

Compiles and hot-reloads docs for development

npm run dev

Compiles and minifies component library

npm run library:build

Publishes a new version of the library

npm run library:publish -- <version>

Compiles and minifies docs

npm run docs:build


  1. If this is your first time releasing, ask in the engineering team channel to be added to the loop npm organization. Make sure you log in to npm in your terminal as well.

  2. On your machine, check out the branch you'd like to release. This can either be a feature branch or a release branch if you have multiple features to package together as a release. This branch should be PRed into main and be approved by a peer before releasing.

  3. Compile the component library

    npm run library:build

    (Optional) Commit any file changes the build script made. This is not always necessary but when adding new components this will generally be necessary.

  4. Figure out the version number this release will be. We follow SemVer, and the general rule of thumb is that if you're adding new components, bump the minor version, everything else should just bump the patch version. Major versions bumps are rare and should be a team decision.

  5. Publish the library to npm. Make sure you are on the branch you intend to release, this will modify your package.json and you MUST be on a non-main branch for this to be mergeable.

    npm run library:publish -- <version>
  6. Push all changes the build and release scripts made to Github.

  7. In Github, merge the release branch into main.




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