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Extension SDK For React


Add dependency to your project using yarn or npm

yarn add @looker/extension-sdk-react


npm install @looker/extension-sdk-react


The Extension SDK for react contains of a provider that allows child components to access the Extension SDK.


Add the ExtensionProvider near the root of the extension component tree.

      <ExtensionProvider loadingComponent={<div>Loading ...</div>} requiredLookerVersion='>=7.0.0'>
  • An optional loadingComponent can be passed in to display the while the provider is establishing a connection with the looker host
  • requiredLookerVersion indicates what version of Looker is required. Check context.initializeError to see if a version error was detected.

Access the Extension SDK

import React, { useContext } from "react"
import {
} from "@looker/extension-sdk-react"

export const MyComponent: React.FC<{}> = () => {
  const extensionContext = useContext<ExtensionContextData>(ExtensionContext)
  const extensionHost = extensionContext.extensionSDK
  const sdk = extensionContext.core40SDK
  const initializeError = extensionContext.initializeError

React Router

The Extension SDK for React supports React Router. Due to security restrictions of the sandboxed IFRAME only MemoryRouter is supported. The ExtensionProvider creates the router so you can add Switch and Route components as childrem. The Looker host is notified of changes to the React routes and the child route is appended to he Looker extension route. This means that the route can be restored on a page reload or sent as a link.

The ExtensionProvider can also notify the extension of changes to the route using the onPathnameChange attribute.


export const MyExtension: React.FC<{}> = () => {
  const [pathname, setPathname] = useState("")

  return (
      <ExtensionProvider onPathnameChange={setPathname}>
          <MySidebar pathname={pathname} />
            <Route path=>
              <MyRoute1 />
            <Route path='/route2'>
              <MyRoute2 />

Looker SDK considerations

The Looker SDK can be accessed as follows:

The extension context exposes the following properties:

  • coreSDK - SDK version 3.1 (kept for backwards compatability)
  • core31SDK - SDK version 3.1
  • core40SDK - SDK version 4.0

The following global access methods are available:

  • getCoreSDK() - SDK version 3.1 (kept for backwards compatability)
  • getCore31SDK() - SDK version 3.1
  • getCore40SDK() - SDK version 4.0

There is no restriction on which SDK can be used within an extension, none, one or all of the above can be used interchangeably, context or global access. The one caveat is that it is recommended that the Looker version support SDK 4.0 if the 4.0 SDK is used (the results may be unpredictable otherwise).

Redux support

The Looker SDK is available outside of the Extension provider using the getCore40SDK method. This means that redux sagas or redux thunks can utilize the SDK from within a saga or thunk. Note that the Looker connection MUST be established before getCoreSDK can be called. An error will be thrown if the method is called to soon. Note that children of the ExtensionProvider will not be rendered until after the connection has been established. As such it safe for children of the ExtensionProvider to utilize sagas or thunks.

Example saga

import { getCore40SDK } from '@looker/extension-sdk-react'
import { all, call, put, takeEvery, select } from 'redux-saga/effects'
import { Actions, allLooksSuccess, runLookSuccess, error, Action, State } from '.'

function* allLooksSaga() {
  const coreSDK = getCore40SDK()
  const result = yield call([
  if (result.ok) {
    // Take up to the first 10 looks
    const looks = result.value.slice(0, 9)
    yield put(allLooksSuccess(looks))
  } else {
    yield put(error(result.error.message))

export function* sagaCallbacks() {
  yield all([
    takeEvery(Actions.ALL_LOOKS_REQUEST, allLooksSaga),

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