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    An API service based on axios lib with auto refresh of auth tokens and retry for failed APIs. It uses axios interceptors to implement refresh token and retry logic.

    Create axios instance using this library and make API calls as you would do. Just provide some configuration needed to fetch the auth token and the library takes care of all scenarios related to auth failure.


    npm i @lokeshpathrabe/axiosservice


    Create a new axios instance like below

    const apiServiceConfig = {
     * Axios Instance
    export const BaseApiInstance = new AxiosService(
        timeout: 300000,
        baseURL: 'https://baseAPi.url/',
    	  requestInterceptors: [...],
    	  responseSuccessInterceptors: [...],
    	  responseErrorInterceptors: [...],
    	  tokenRetryCount: 1,
    	  authFailedStatus: [403, 401],
    	  checkTokenExpired: (error) => === 'SESSION_EXPIRED'
    	  onSessionExpired: (error) => redirectToUrl(
    	  refreshAccessToken: () => {
    		 // Fetch new auth token
    		return fetch('https://tokne-url/get')
    		.then(response => {
    		// Logic to update new token for upcoming API calls


    • authFailedStatus*: (mandatory) Array of status to check for expired auth token eg [403, 402]. The status must be a error status.
    • checkTokenExpired: (optional) Function to give custom logic to identify auth failure in API. axios error object is passed as param to this function.
    const checkTokenExpired = (error) => {
      const { status, data } = error.response;
      const { code } = data || {};
      return (
        HTTP_STATUS.ACCESS_TOKEN_INVALID_STATUS.indexOf(status) > -1 ||
        SESSION_EXPIRED_ERRORS.indexOf(code) > -1
    • refreshAccessToken: (mandatory) Function with logic to make the API call for auth token. This function must return a Promise. If you use try-catch block you must rethrow Promise.reject from catch block to make the retry of refreshAccessToken work.
    • tokenRetryCount: (optional) (Default: 1)Number of time auth token call should be retried incase we get authFailedStatus or true checkTokenExpired in response of call made by refreshAccessToken
    • onSessionExpired: (optional) Function with logic of what to do when session expired and auth token fails in all tokenRetryCount attempts.
    • requestInterceptors: (optional) Array with request interceptors for axios
    • responseSuccessInterceptors:: (optional) Array with response interceptors for axios when API return HTTP200
    • responseErrorInterceptors:(optional) Array with response interceptors for axios when API return error


    npm i @lokeshpathrabe/axiosservice

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