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Comments Sidebar

A sidebar component that displays Lokalise projects', keys', and translations' comments and provides callbacks to perform comments CRUD operations as well comments list interactions.

How to develop locally

We will be using yalc to symlink the Comments Sidebar package locally in your application. The following steps assuming you're using it in lokalise-main app. but you can follow the same procedures with any other app. like review-center

  1. Run npm run dev
    The package will be built and published to store when you see the following message:-
@lokalise/comments-sidebar@X.X.X published in store.
  1. In your app (in this example lokalise-ui), add the package using yalc
cd lokalise-main/services/app/lokalise-ui
npx yalc add @lokalise/comments-sidebar

The script will copy the current version to .yalc folder and update your package.json with file:.yalc/@lokalise/comments-sidebar

  1. To install @lokalise/comments-sidebar peer depedncies
npm i
  1. In your app, start importing CommentsSidebar component, your IDE shall pick it up from @lokalise/comments-sidebar

  2. Any changes in lokalise-comments-sidebar project, will be built and copied automatically to your dependent project.

  3. Don't forget to discard any changes in your dependent project after finishing your changes testing




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