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Installation and Usage

Please check this blog for detail usage this link

Simple Usage

import Alert from '@logisticinfotech/react-native-animated-alert';

Below code will show and hide alert the simple alert.

onPressShow = () => {


onPressHide = () => {


onAlertShow = () => {
    console.log(‘Alert is visible’)

onAlertHide = () => {
    console.log(‘Alert is hidden’)



Basic Properties

Prop Default Type Description
alertBGContainerStyle {} style Alert main container style.
alertBGColor '#A9A9A9' string Alert background color.
alertIconVisible true bool Display or hide alert icon side to title.
alertLoadingVisible true bool Show loading type alter.
alertIconSource bellIcon source Change the default bell icon. This will be not display id loading is visible.
alertIconSize 24 number size of the alter icon.
alertIconTintColor '' string color of the icon if source has transparent pixel.
alertIconResizeMode 'center' enum of ['center','contain','cover','repeat','stretch'] Image resize mode.
alertAnimatedIcon true bool Icon of alert will be show animated.
alertAnimatedIconDuration 200 number Animation time duration of alert icon.
alertTitle '' string Display title of the alter.
alertTitleStyle InLibrary style Style of alter title display.
alertMessage '' string Display message of the alter.
alertMessageStyle InLibrary style Style of alter message display.
alertButtonTitle [] array(string) Display the alert button. max is 2 buttons. This will be not display id loading is visible.
alertButtonPosition 'end' enum of ['start','center','end'] Style of the non selected date or time.
alertButtonStyle InLibrary style Style of the alert buttons.
alertButtonTextStyle InLibrary style Style of text of the alert buttons .
alertAutoHide true bool Auto hide alter. This will be not display id loading is visible or button is visible
alertAutoHideDuration 2000 number Time in millisecond after alter auto hide if it enable. This will be not display id loading is visible or button is visible
alertTapToDismiss false bool Hide alert on tap on it. This will be not display id loading is visible.
onPressAlert () => {} function Call when click on the alter.
onPressButtonOne () => {} function Call when button one(left button) is press.
onPressButtonTwo () => {} function Call when button two(right button) is press if has two buttons.
onAlertShow () => {} function Call when alert is visible.
onAlertHide () => {} function Call when alert is hide.

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