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NOTE: this is a fork of felixge's original, that doesn't seem to be maintained at the moment. If felixge's starts to be maintained again, this module will be deprecated.

A sandboxed node.js module loader that lets you inject dependencies into your modules.


npm install @log4js-node/sandboxed-module


var SandboxedModule = require('sandboxed-module');
var user = SandboxedModule.require('./user', {
  requires: {'mysql': {fake: 'mysql module'}},
  globals: {myGlobal: 'variable'},
  locals: {myLocal: 'other variable'},

What to do with this

This module is intended to ease dependency injection for unit testing. However, feel free to use it for whatever crimes you can think of.


SandboxedModule.load(moduleId, [options])

Returns a new SandboxedModule where moduleId is a regular module path / id as you would normally pass into require(). The new module will be loaded in its own v8 context, but otherwise have access to the normal node.js environment.

options is an optional object that can be used to inject any of the following:

  • requires: An object containing moduleIds and the values to inject for them when required by the sandboxed module. This does not affect children of the sandboxed module.
  • globals: An object of global variables to inject into the sandboxed module.
  • locals: An object of local variables to inject into the sandboxed module.
  • sourceTransformers: An object of named functions to transform the source code of the sandboxed module's file (e.g. transpiler language, code coverage).
  • singleOnly: If false, modules that are required by the sandboxed module will not be sandboxed. By default all modules required by the sandboxedModule will be sandboxed using the same options that were used for the original sandboxed module.
  • sourceTransformersSingleOnly: If false, the source transformers will not be run against modules required by the sandboxed module. By default it will take the same value as singleOnly.
  • ignoreMissing: If true, injected modules will not be required to have a corresponding file on the file system. By default this is false.

SandboxedModule.require(moduleId, [options])

Identical to SandboxedModule.load(), but returns sandboxedModule.exports directly.


Sets options globally across all uses of SandboxedModule.load() and SandboxedModule.require(). This way, a commonly needed require, global, local, or sourceTransformer can be specified once across all sandboxed modules.


Enables a built-in source transformer by name. Currently, SandboxedModule ships with two built in source transformers:

  • "coffee" - Compiles source with CoffeeScript [Enabled by default for backwards compatibility]. Be sure to run require('coffee-script').register() or require('coffee-script/register') as well.
  • "istanbul" - Instruments sources via istanbul when istanbul code coverage is running.

For example, if you'd like to use SandboxedModule in conjunction with istanbul, just run SandboxedModule.registerBuiltInSourceTransformer('istanbul').


The full path to the module.


The underlaying node.js Module instance.


A getter returning the sandboxedModule.module.exports object.


The global object of the v8 context this module was loaded in. Modifications to this object will be reflected in the sandboxed module.


The local variables injected into the sandboxed module using a closure. Modifying this object has no effect on the state of the sandbox.


An object holding a list of all module required by the sandboxed module itself. The keys are the moduleIds used for the require calls.


An object of named functions which will transform the source code required with SandboxedModule.require. For example, CoffeeScript & istanbul support is implemented with built-in sourceTransformer functions (see #registerBuiltInSourceTransformer).

A source transformer receives the source (as it's been transformed thus far) and must return the transformed source (whether it's changed or unchanged).

An example source transformer to change all instances of the number "3" to "5" would look like this:

SandboxedModule.require('../fixture/baz', {
  sourceTransformers: {
    turn3sInto5s: function(source) {
      return source.replace(/3/g,'5');


sandboxed-module is licensed under the MIT license.

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