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The next iteration of Vue Test Utils. It targets Vue 3.

Installation and Usage

  • yarn: yarn add @vue/test-utils@next --dev
  • npm: npm install @vue/test-utils@next --save-dev

Coming from Vue 2 + Vue Test Utils beta?

We are working on some documentation to help people migrate. At this point it will you will have better luck trying this out with a brand new Vue 3 app, as opposed to upgrading an existing Vue 2 app. Feedback and bug reports are welcome!

Working with .vue files

There is vue-jest for loading .vue files into Jest. The next branch contains support for Vue 3. Install it with yarn add vue-jest@next. It lacks support for some things, namely JSX.

If you don't want to configure things, you can download a repository with Vue 3, @vue/test-utils@next, vue-jest@next and TypeScript configured here.


Docs are located in this repo. Read them here. They are in a separate repository because running Vuepress alongside a repo with Vue 3 causes conflicts - Vuepress expects to be running against Vue 2. This seems like the most simple solution for now.


It's a pretty small codebase at the moment. Get started by running yarn install. You can run the tests with yarn test. That's it!

There is a lot of work to do. See issues for some basic TODOs, or the table at the bottom of this page.

What works?

See the docs. Most basic DOM interactions work. Advanced features like shallowMount and stubs are a work in progress.


This is still very much alpha - if you want to add a feature, have a hack or ping someone in Discord to chat, or check out the issues and project board.

Comparsion with Vue Test Utils beta (targeting Vue 2)

This is table for those coming from VTU beta, comparing the two APIs. A lot of things are still a work in progress.

  • - implemented

  • - not yet implemented

  • ⚰️ - will not be implemented (if you have a compelling use case, please open an issue)

  • Q: Where is shallowMount?

  • A: Coming soon. There is an issue and a PR open.

Mounting Options

option status notes
slots has not been tested vigorously. Please try it out.
mocks nested in global
propsData now called props
provide nested in global
mixins (new!) nested in global
plugins (new!) nested in global
component (new!) nested in global
directives (new!) nested in global
attachToDocument will rename to attachTo. See here
scopedSlots ⚰️ scopedSlots are merged with slots in Vue 3
context ⚰️ different from Vue 2, may not make sense anymore.
localVue ⚰️ may not make sense anymore since we do not mutate the global Vue instance in Vue 3.
listeners ⚰️ no longer exists in Vue 3
parentComponent ⚰️

Wrapper API (mount)

method status notes
find only querySelector syntax is supported. find(Comp) under discussion here
findAll see above. .vm is different to Vue 2. We are exploring options.
setValue works for select, checkbox, radio button, input, textarea. Returns nextTick.
trigger returns nextTick. You can do await wrapper.find('button').trigger('click')
setData has PR
destroy renamed to unmount to match Vue 3 lifecycle hook name.
contains ⚰️ use find
emittedByOrder ⚰️ use emitted
setSelected ⚰️ now part of setValue
setChecked ⚰️ now part of setValue
is ⚰️
isEmpty ⚰️ use matchers such as this
isVisible ⚰️ use matchers such as this
isVueInstance ⚰️
name ⚰️
setMethods ⚰️




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