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This is a personal project. It's a simple rhythm game engine. There's a little demo app to test things out, but it's not really a fully fledged game.

The engine isn't ready for use in any serious manner, but if you want to try it out, here's how.


  • Install Node.js (obviously). I'm using v14.
  • Install yarn. You want v1, aka "classic". One you installed it, yarn -v should give you something like v1.22.10.
  • Clone the project
  • Run yarn install to install all the dependencies.


NOTE: there is no guarentee master is in a working state.

  • The project is bundled with Rollup. You probably want to run rollup in watch mode. It will rebuild every time you change the code. Do that with yarn build:demo --watch.
  • Start the dev server with yarn start:demo.
  • Go to http://localhost:5000/demo
  • Select a song with arrows keys and enter to start.
  • The default is four columns. The buttons hard-coded to M < > ?.
  • The default scroll speed is also hard coded, but you can change that.
  • Hit "r" to restart the song.
  • There is no way to quit. You just need to refresh the page.


Unlike the basic demo game, which is just hacked together to try things out, the tests are fully fleshed out and cover everything inside of src, which is where the engine lives. Any code change to src should have relevant tests added. Since the goal is an engine, not a fully fledge game, these must be up to date and coverage all the edge cases. This is the only practical way to work on something like this - testing by hand is time consuming and unreliabe.


There is no license yet. If you really want to use this for something, contact me.




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