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Lit Protocol Contracts SDK (Typescript)

ContractsSDK is a bundled package that allows you to make calls to Lit Protocol smart contracts. Some contracts come with additional abstracted functions that can be accessed by appending Util to the contract variable name, for example, pkpNftContract becomes pkpNftContractUtil.

Demo: https://demo-contracts-sdk-react.vercel.app/


yarn add @lit-protocol/contracts-sdk

Vanilla JS (UMD)

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@lit-protocol/contracts-sdk-vanilla/contracts-sdk.js"></script>
  (async () => {
    const { LitContracts } = LitJsSdk_contractsSdk;

    const litContracts = new LitContracts();
    await litContracts.connect();

Quick Start

Initialize an instance

We provide several ways to initialize an LitContracts instance, you can pass in your private key, ask itself to randomly generate one, your own signer, a PKP signer, etc.

// Most common way. Using your Metamask/Brave or any other third party wallet
const litContracts = new LitContracts();

// use a random private key
const litContracts = new LitContracts({ randomPrivatekey: true });

// use a random private key and store it in the local storage
const litContracts = new LitContracts({
  randomPrivatekey: true,
  options: {
    storeOrUseStorageKey: true,

// use private key from local storage
const litContracts = new LitContracts({
  options: {
    storeOrUseStorageKey: true,

// use custom private key
const litContracts = new LitContracts({

// custom signer
const privateKey = TEST_FUNDED_PRIVATE_KEY;
const provider = new ethers.providers.Web3Provider(window.ethereum, 'any');
const signer = new ethers.Wallet(privateKey, provider);

const litContracts = new LitContracts({ signer });

// with a pkp wallet
// see more in https://github.com/LIT-Protocol/pkp-ethers
const pkpWallet = new PKPWallet({
  pkpPubKey: PKP_PUBKEY,
  controllerAuthSig: CONTROLLER_AUTHSIG,
  provider: 'https://rpc-mumbai.maticvigil.com',

await pkpWallet.init();

const litContracts = new LitContracts({ signer: pkpWallet });

Other methods

They can can be accessed from litContracts.

Contributing and developing to this SDK

Config file


If the directory structures have been changed on the LitNodeContracts repo, you will need to edit the config file.

  "root": "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/LIT-Protocol/LitNodeContracts/main/",
  "contracts": "deployed_contracts_serrano.json",
  "abis": {
    "dir": "deployments/mumbai_80001/",
    "ignoreProperties": ["metadata", "bytecode", "deployedBytecode"]

Quick start

node ./packages/contracts-sdk/tools.mjs --update


This script automatically generates a contracts-sdk.ts. It does this by reading the file names from a specified directory, generating import statements and declarations based on those file names, and replacing certain sections of the contracts-sdk.ts file with the generated content.

node ./packages/contracts-sdk/tools.mjs --gen



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