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The Start Of A Beautiful PostCSS Structure

npm node

A zero configuration starting point for postcss styled theme or plugin.


yarn add @lipemat/postcss-boilerplate


Add the following to your package.json. You may adjust things to fit your environment but be sure to leave the scripts as is.

This may also be found in the "templates" directory.

    "theme_path": "./",
    "scripts": {
      "dist": "lipemat-postcss-boilerplate dist",
      "postinstall": "lipemat-postcss-boilerplate fix-pnp",
      "lint": "lipemat-postcss-boilerplate lint",
      "start": "lipemat-postcss-boilerplate start"
  "dependencies": {
    "@lipemat/postcss-boilerplate": "^4.5.0"
  • brotliFiles : {bool} Enabled generating pre-compressed .br files for CSS and JS.
  • combinedJson : {bool} Generate a single 'css-modules.json' file instead of JSON file per module.
  • css_folder : {string} Path of directory for generate finished CSS files within. Defaults to css/.
  • cssEnums : {bool} Generate PHP enums for CSS modules. Has no effect if combinedJson is false. Defaults to false.
  • file_name : {string} Name of finished CSS file. Defaults to front-end.
  • shortCssClasses: {bool} Enable short 1-2 character CSS classes. Recommended if you're not running multiple instances of this package on the same site.
  • theme_path : {string} Path or theme's root relative to the package.json file.

Configuration Overrides

All configurations are found in the config directory and may be extended by adding a matching file within your project directory.

For instance is you want to adjust postcss.js you may add a config/postcss.js file in your project directory.

All declarations are merged in favor of the project config.


If you are using https in your local environment, you may point to the certificates in your package.json like so:

  "certificates": {
    "cert": "<path to -crt.pem file>",
    "key": "<path to -key.pem file>"

If certificates are provided, live reload will load via https. You'll want to point your livereload script https, and the domain of certificates origin.

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