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    The Start Of A Beautiful JS App

    npm node

    A zero configuration starting point for a React or non React app.


    yarn add @lipemat/js-boilerplate

    Version 7

    Version 7 has some backward incompatibilities and should be updated with focus and thoroughness.

    Migration instructions are here.


    Add the following to your package.json. (this may also be found in the templates directory.

      "theme_path": "/wp-content/themes/core/",
      "scripts": {
        "browserslist": "lipemat-js-boilerplate browserslist",
        "dist": "lipemat-js-boilerplate dist",
        "lint": "lipemat-js-boilerplate lint",
        "postinstall": "lipemat-js-boilerplate fix-pnp",
        "start": "lipemat-js-boilerplate start",
        "test": "lipemat-js-boilerplate test"
      "devDependencies": {},
      "dependencies": {
        "@lipemat/js-boilerplate": "^5.6.0"

    You may adjust things as needed but be sure to leave the scripts as is.

    Code Completion In PHPStorm

    Some @types have been specified in this library to assist with code completion and allow using the built-in TypeScript support. Unfortunately, some typescripts still send errors to PHPStorm like "Default export is not declared in an imported module". I've found that it's easier to just remove this warning by un-checking Editor -> Inspections -> JavaScript -> General -> Validate Imports. (this may not need to be un-checked if you enable the built-in TypeScript support).


    To use the built-in eslint, copy the following items from templates into your project root:

    1. .eslintrc

    Now you may adjust the eslint configuration as desired and run the linter via yarn run lint.


    To retrieve a list of all currently targeted browsers, add the following to your package.json and run yarn browserslist.

      "scripts": {
        "browserslist": "lipemat-js-boilerplate browserslist"

    The console will display a list of browsers targeted by your browserslist configruation, or the defaults if no configuration is specified.


    To use the built-in TypeScript, copy the following items from templates into your project root:

    1. tsconfig.json

    TypeScript will run a validator during dev and output any errors in the console. These same errors will display within PHPStorm if you copied tsconfig.json file in step 1. You technically don't have to fix any issues to compile but it's recommended.

    Babel will automatically compile TypeScript files into the finished javascript, and will ignore errors.

    Configuration Overrides

    All configurations are found in the config directory and may be extended by adding a matching file within your project directory.

    For instance is you want to adjust webpack.dev.js you may add a config/webpack.dev.js file in your project directory.

    All declarations are merged in favor of the project config.


    To create a package which extends any of the files within the config directory, create a package with "js-boilerplate-" somewhere in it's name. Within your package, create a config directory and place any overrides there. Works the same as Configuration Overrides

    This is useful when you have often reused overrides to support a particular library. Here is an example


    To use the built in testing, copy the following items from templates into your project root:

    1. jest.config.js
    2. tests

    Now you may write jest tests as desired and run them via yarn run test

    1. Tests file must have .test.js in file name

    Alternatively you may create a run configuration in PHPStorm for an interactive testing experience.

    1. Jest package: <project root>/node_modules/jest-cli
    2. Working directory: root of your app which contains the jest.config.js.
    3. "All tests" to run an entire directory of tests.
    4. "Suite" to run a particular file of tests.

    Legacy Browsers Support


    By default, IE11 is disabled via an internal Browserslist configuration. If you would like to support IE11, add it as a target to your project's Browserslist configuration and all tooling will automatically support it.

    Custom properties

    IE11 (and some older browsers) do not support custom properties e.g. --color-red: red; natively. To make custom properties work with this library create src/globals/pcss/variables.css file and add any used custom properties to it.

    The app will automatically compile with fallback values for older browsers.

    An alternative/extra location is ../pcss/globals/variables.css.

    ES6 Modules

    The app will automatically detect any packages in your package.json which do not support ES5 and add them to the list of files that Babel will transform into ES5 code.

    If you have a package which has a dependency which does not support ES5, you will need to add it to a es6Modules key in your package.json to have it transformed.


     "es6Modules": [


    If you are using https in your local environment, you may point to the certificates in your package.json like so:

      "certificates": {
        "cert": "<path to -crt.pem file>",
        "key": "<path to -key.pem file>"


    npm i @lipemat/js-boilerplate

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