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import { html } from '@mdjs/mdjs-preview';
import '@lion/input/define';

A web component that enhances the functionality of the native <input> element.

export const main = () => html`<lion-input label="First Name"></lion-input>`;


  • Extra visual elements can be added via slots:
    • label: can also be provided via the label attribute, but the slot can be used to change the html and CSS of the label. For example add an u-sr-only class to the label to make it visually hidden. A label is always needed for accessibility reasons.
    • help-text: a helper text shown below the label to give extra clarification.
    • prefix: does not have an active use case yet, but the option is in place.
    • suffix: can be used for addons to the input like a calculator, datepicker or addressbook. In these cases a button with an icon is used.
    • before: does not have an active use case yet, but the option is in place.
    • after: can be used to show a currency or percentage.
  • Delegates attributes like type, disabled, placeholder and readonly to the native input.
  • Can make use of validation.


npm i --save @lion/input
import '@lion/input/define';

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