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    LINZ NZTM2000 Tile Matrix Sets

    This repository houses LINZ's official Tile Matrix Sets (TMS) for NZTM2000 (EPGS:2193).

    NZTM2000Quad (March 2021 [Preview])

    The NZTM2000 Quad TMS is a new tile matrix set to provide greater interoperability between LINZ's NZTM2000 web services (such as LINZ's Basemaps) and third parties.

    Key Features

    • All zoom scales are from Google's WebMercatorQuad
    • Tile matrix extent and tile extent are the same
    • All zoom levels are square to work with techniques like quad keys
    • All zoom levels increase by a factor of two
    • The map is centred on the beehive

    NztmQuad - Zoom 1

    Tiles shown above were generated with xyz-tile-debug, showing tile x,y offset, quadkey and zoom level.

    LINZ decided to create the NZTM2000Quad TMS due to compatibility issues between the original NZTM2000 TMS and third parties.


    Why centre on the beehive?

    No particular reason, needed a centre point and it seemed like a good idea at the time.

    Why start at zoom level 2?

    Zoom level 0 & 1 are very large and when centering around New Zealand they can overflow the bounds of NZTM2000. A number of open source tools had issues working with these large tiles.

    Does this work in ArcGIS Online with the Eagle/Esri NZTM Basemaps?

    From our intial testing this does appear to work with these other tile matrix sets.


    LINZ's original tile matrix set, designed for use with cartographic tooling that needs specific carto zoom scales.

    NPM Package

    This repository also houses an NPM package that distributes the NZTM tile matrix sets for use in web mapping applications such as OpenLayers.


    yarn add @linzjs/tile-matrix-set


    import {Nztm2000Quad} from '@linzjs/tile-matrix-set'
    Nztm2000Quad.identifier // NZTM2000Quad




    npm i @linzjs/tile-matrix-set

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