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    LF Freehand image cropper

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    Freehand image cropper built with HTML5 canvas

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    Project setup

        npm install @linkfuture/cropper
        import cropper from '@linkfuture/cropper';
        let cropper = new Cropper("canvas",option); //canvas id or canvas object
        cropper.setImage("<backgaround image source>");//backgaround image source, url or base64 image string
        cropper.getImage(); //get image source
        cropper.startPen(option); //start crop by using pen 
        cropper.startRectangle(option); //start draw a rectangle for cropping 
        cropper.getPos();   //get position list of object,  which related to the image
        cropper.clear();    //clear all drawing, but for the image
        cropper.destroy();    //clear all drawing and image, destory paper objects
        cropper.crop(imgPos);  //get croppered image by passing image position, which given by cropper.getPos()
        cropper.draw(points,option);  //draw sharp by given points, options.onDrawEnd(path) event.
        cropper.options;  //get or set options
        cropper.enableFullMove(); // enable full move model, any drawing object will be moved or zoom with the image. 
        cropper.disableFullMove(); // disable full move model, image and drawing object will be moved or zoom by selected 
        cropper.objects[1].getPos() //get object position, which related to the image
        cropper.objects[1].move //boolean, moveable
        cropper.objects[1].zoom //boolean, zoomable
        cropper.objects[1].locked //boolean, can't select and move
        cropper.objects[1].selectedColor //color when selected
        cropper.objects[1].strokeColor //color for pen 


        move:true   //element moveable
        select:true //element selectable
        zoom:true   //element zoomable
        fullZoom:true   //entire object zoomable
        strokeColor:"#39f"  //color for pen
        selectedColor:null  //color for selected object 
        fillColor:new Color(0,0,0,0.1) //color for fill object
        onSelected:(obj)=>{}   //event when selected object
        onDrawEnd:(path)=>{}    //event when draw end

    Compiles and minifies for production

        npm run release //generate cropper.min.js
        npm run start   //start local demo

    Freehand image cropper release package

    download here


    npm i @linkfuture/cropper

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