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    Linear API

    The issue tracking tool you'll enjoy using

    Linear helps streamline software projects, sprints, tasks, and
    bug tracking. It's built for high-performance teams.

    Linear is released under the MIT license. Build github action status. Release github action status. Schema github action status. Dependencies github action status.

    Visit for the most up to date documentation

    🔥 Contribute

    The Linear Client uses custom GraphQL Code Generator plugins to produce a typed SDK for all operations and models exposed by the Linear production API.


    This monorepo uses yarn workspaces and lerna to publish packages.

    Generated code uses file prefix _generated and should never be manually updated.

    Open source packages:

    • sdk - The Linear Client SDK for interacting with the Linear GraphQL API
    • import - Import tooling for uploading from other systems
    • codegen-doc - GraphQL codegen plugin to generate GraphQL fragments and documents
    • codegen-sdk - GraphQL codegen plugin to generate Typescript SDK from fragments and documents
    • codegen-test - GraphQL codegen plugin to generate a jest test for the Typescript SDK

    Get Started

    # install dependencies
    # link package dependencies
    yarn bootstrap
    # build all packages
    yarn build
    # test all packages
    yarn test
    # update the schema from the production API
    yarn schema
    # create changeset for generating
    yarn changeset

    Plugin Flow

    1. The @linear/codegen-doc plugin is used by codegen.doc.yml to generate fragments and documents
    2. The @linear/codegen-sdk plugin is used by codegen.sdk.yml to generate the typed Linear SDK
    3. The @linear/codegen-test plugin is used by codegen.test.yml to generate a typed jest test


    Licensed under the MIT License.




    npm i @linear/sdk

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