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Line Ripple

The line ripple is used to highlight user-specified input above it. When a line ripple is active, the line’s color and thickness changes.

Design & API Documentation


npm install @limetech/mdc-line-ripple

Basic Usage

HTML Structure

<div class="mdc-line-ripple"></div>


@import "@limetech/mdc-line-ripple/mdc-line-ripple";

JavaScript Instantiation

import {MDCLineRipple} from '@limetech/mdc-line-ripple';

const lineRipple = new MDCLineRipple(document.querySelector('.mdc-line-ripple'));

Style Customization

CSS Classes

CSS Class Description
mdc-line-ripple Mandatory.
mdc-line-ripple--active Styles the line ripple as an active line ripple.
mdc-line-ripple--deactivating Styles the line ripple as a deactivating line ripple.

Sass Mixins

Mixin Description
mdc-line-ripple-color($color) Customizes the color of the line ripple when active.

MDCLineRipple Properties and Methods

Method Signature Description
activate() => void Proxies to the foundation's activate() method.
deactivate() => void Proxies to the foundation's deactivate() method.
setRippleCenter(xCoordinate: number) => void Proxies to the foundation's setRippleCenter(xCoordinate: number) method.

Usage Within Frameworks

If you are using a JavaScript framework, such as React or Angular, you can create a Line Ripple for your framework. Depending on your needs, you can use the Simple Approach: Wrapping MDC Web Vanilla Components, or the Advanced Approach: Using Foundations and Adapters. Please follow the instructions here.


Method Signature Description
addClass(className: string) => void Adds a class to the root element.
removeClass(className: string) => void Removes a class from the root element.
hasClass(className: string) => boolean Determines whether the root element has the given CSS class name.
setStyle(propertyName: string, value: string) => void Sets the style property with propertyName to value on the root element.
registerEventHandler(evtType: EventType, handler: EventListener) => void Registers an event listener on the root element for a given event.
deregisterEventHandler(evtType: EventType, handler: EventListener) => void Deregisters an event listener on the root element for a given event.


Method Signature Description
activate() => void Activates the line ripple.
deactivate() => void Deactivates the line ripple.
setRippleCenter(xCoordinate: number) => void Sets the center of the ripple to the xCoordinate given.
handleTransitionEnd(evt: Event) => void Handles a transitionend event.


npm i @limetech/mdc-line-ripple

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