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Floating Action Button

A floating action button represents the primary action in an application.

Design & API Documentation


npm install @limetech/mdc-fab

Basic Usage

Load Material Icons

We recommend using Material Icons from Google Fonts:

  <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/icon?family=Material+Icons">

However, you can also use SVG, Font Awesome, or any other icon library you wish.

HTML Structure

<button class="mdc-fab" aria-label="Favorite">
  <div class="mdc-fab__ripple"></div>
  <span class="mdc-fab__icon material-icons">favorite</span>

NOTE: The floating action button icon can be used with a span, i, img, or svg element.

NOTE: IE 11 will not center the icon properly if there is a newline or space after the material icon text.


@import "@limetech/mdc-fab/mdc-fab";

JavaScript Instantiation

The FAB will work without JavaScript, but you can enhance it to have a ripple effect by instantiating MDCRipple on the root element. See MDC Ripple for details.

import {MDCRipple} from '@limetech/mdc-ripple';

const fabRipple = new MDCRipple(document.querySelector('.mdc-fab'));

See Importing the JS component for more information on how to import JavaScript.


Extended FAB

<button class="mdc-fab mdc-fab--extended">
  <div class="mdc-fab__ripple"></div>
  <span class="material-icons mdc-fab__icon">add</span>
  <span class="mdc-fab__label">Create</span>

NOTE: The extended FAB must contain label where as the icon is optional. The icon and label may be specified in whichever order is appropriate based on context.

Style Customization

CSS Classes

CSS Class Description
mdc-fab Mandatory, for the button element
mdc-fab__icon Mandatory, for the icon element
mdc-fab__ripple Mandatory, for the element which shows the ripple.
mdc-fab__label Optional, for the text label. Applicable only for Extended FAB.
mdc-fab--mini Optional, modifies the FAB to a smaller size
mdc-fab--extended Optional, modifies the FAB to wider size which includes a text label.
mdc-fab--exited Optional, animates the FAB out of view.
When this class is removed, the FAB will return to view.

A note about :disabled, No disabled styles are defined for FABs. The FAB promotes action, and should not be displayed in a disabled state. If you want to present a FAB that does not perform an action, you should also present an explanation to the user.

Sass Mixins

Basic Sass Mixins

MDC FAB uses MDC Theme's secondary color by default. Use the following mixins to customize it.

Mixin Description
mdc-fab-accessible($container-color) Changes the FAB's container color to the given color, and updates the FAB's ink and ripple color to meet accessibility standards.
mdc-fab-extended-fluid Makes the Extended FAB fluid to container, such as screen width or the layout grid. Exposed as a mixin to support use within @media queries.

Advanced Sass Mixins

A note about advanced mixins, The following mixins are intended for advanced users. These mixins will override the color of the container, ink, or ripple. You can use all of them if you want to completely customize a FAB. Or you can use only one of them, e.g. if you only need to override the ripple color. It is up to you to pick container, ink, and ripple colors that work together, and meet accessibility standards.

Mixin Description
mdc-fab-container-color($color) Sets the container color to the given color
mdc-fab-icon-size($width, $height) Sets the icon width, height, and font-size properties to the specified width and height. $height is optional and will default to $width if omitted. The font-size will be set to the provided $width value.
mdc-fab-ink-color($color) Sets the ink color to the given color
mdc-fab-extended-padding($icon-padding, $label-padding) Sets the padding on both sides of the icon, and between the label and the edge of the FAB. In cases where there is no icon, $label-padding will apply to both sides.
mdc-fab-extended-label-padding($label-padding) Sets the label side padding for Extended FAB. Useful when styling an Extended FAB with no icon.
mdc-fab-shape-radius($radius, $rtl-reflexive) Sets rounded shape to only regular & mini FAB variants with given radius size. Set $rtl-reflexive to true to flip radius values in RTL context, defaults to false.
mdc-fab-extended-shape-radius($radius, $rtl-reflexive) Sets rounded shape to only Extended FAB variant with given radius size. Set $rtl-reflexive to true to flip radius values in RTL context, defaults to false.

The ripple effect for the FAB component is styled using MDC Ripple mixins.

Caveat: Edge and CSS Variables

In browsers that fully support CSS custom properties, the above mixins will work if you pass in a MDC Theme property (e.g. primary) as an argument. However, Edge does not fully support CSS custom properties. If you are using the mdc-fab-container-color mixin, you must pass in an actual color value for support in Edge.

Additional Information


Developers must position MDC FAB as needed within their application's design.

  This will position the FAB in the bottom-right corner.
  Modify to fit your design's requirements.
.app-fab--absolute {
  position: fixed;
  bottom: 1rem;
  right: 1rem;

@media(min-width: 64rem) {
   .app-fab--absolute {
    bottom: 1.5rem;
    right: 1.5rem;
<button class="mdc-fab app-fab--absolute" aria-label="Favorite">
  <span class="mdc-fab__icon material-icons">favorite</span>


npm i @limetech/mdc-fab

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