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Lime Web Components

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To start the dev-server, run npm start.

To build the dist folder, run npm run build.

Read the full documentation at https://lundalogik.github.io/lime-web-components/

API changes

If you do any changes to the public API, you need to run npm run api:update in order to update the file etc/lime-web-components.api.md which describes the public API. The file is generated so do not update it manually. If the file is not updated, the GitHub build will fail when the API is verified.

Deploy documentation

Documentation is deployed to GitHub Pages when a new release is built by GitHub Actions. It can also be deployed manually from a Linux or macOS computer. NB! Running the publish script locally will update your git config for the repository with the values of the GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL and GIT_AUTHOR_NAME environment variables. If you set these to anything other than your own user, you may wish to update your config again after publishing. The script will also make changes to a few files, and will checkout these again at the end. Any uncommitted changes you've made to these files will be lost. The script also removes the local copy of the branch gh-pages.

Follow these steps:

  1. The following environment variables must be set:
  • GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL - the email address for the user making the commit
  • GIT_AUTHOR_NAME - the name of the user making the commit
  • GH_TOKEN - a GitHub access-token with write-access to the repository
  • GH_USERNAME - the GitHub user to which the above access-token belongs
  1. Run git fetch.
  2. Run git branch and make sure you do not have a local copy of the branch gh-pages. If you do, push anything that should be pushed, and remove the local branch.
  3. From the repo-root, run npm run docs:publish -- --v=<version>, where <version> is the version of lime-elements you are building the documentation for. Any existing documentation for this version number will be overwritten. If no version is supplied, the version will be set to 0.0.0-dev. If --dryRun=true is supplied, the entire script will run, except the push to GitHub.

Get help

  • If you have a general question, or are in need of support, please open a Question issue on GitHub.


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