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    Liflig CDK

    More details to come.

    State of repository and package

    This is an early experiment of building reusable constructs and patterns for CDK setups, for use within Liflig. We do not expect others to depend on this, and as such will not be following semantic versioning strictly. There will be breaking changes across both minor and patch releases, as we will be coordinating changes internally.

    CDK has some major issues for 3rd party library authors which are not yet resolved. Some relevant information:

    Pre-commit checklist

    1. Lint code

      npm run lint
    2. Run tests and update snapshots

      npm run snapshots
      npm run test -- -u

      Investigate any changes before commiting.

    Testing library changes before releasing

    1. Assemble artifact

      npm pack

      Install the library in an application

      npm install /path/to/liflig-cdk/liflig-cdk-0.0.0-development.tgz

    Note: npm link cannot be used, since it will lead to multiple declarations of the same classes from CDK, breaking the instanceof operator.



    npm i @liflig/cdk

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