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This package exports utility functions for converting Lexical -> HTML and HTML -> Lexical. These same functions are also used in the lexical-clipboard package for copy and paste.

Full documentation can be found here.


// In a headless mode, you need to initialize a headless browser implementation such as JSDom.
const dom = new JSDOM();
// @ts-expect-error
global.window = dom.window;
global.document = dom.window.document;
// You may also need to polyfill DocumentFragment or navigator in certain cases.

// When converting to HTML you can pass in a selection object to narrow it
// down to a certain part of the editor's contents.
const htmlString = $generateHtmlFromNodes(editor, selection | null);


First we need to parse the HTML string into a DOM instance.

// In the browser you can use the native DOMParser API to parse the HTML string.
const parser = new DOMParser();
const dom = parser.parseFromString(htmlString, textHtmlMimeType);

// In a headless environment you can use a package such as JSDom to parse the HTML string.
const dom = new JSDOM(htmlString);

And once you have the DOM instance.

const nodes = $generateNodesFromDOM(editor, dom);

// Once you have the lexical nodes you can initialize an editor instance with the parsed nodes.
const editor = createEditor({ ...config, nodes });

// Or insert them at a selection.

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