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Lens SDK

This package enables gated encrypting and decrypting publication metadata compatible with the Lens API. Works on Node.js 18+ and the browser.



npm install @lens-protocol/sdk-gated


yarn add @lens-protocol/sdk-gated


Pretty straightforward, instantiate the LensGatedSDK client providing the required parameters.

Make sure you are encrypting valid MetadataV2 objects or you will get errors. See more on valid metadata standards here. To validate metadata using the Lens API before encrypting, see here.

import { Web3Provider } from '@ethersproject/providers';
import {
} from '@lens-protocol/sdk-gated';

let metadata: MetadataV2 = {
  version: '2.0.0',
  name: 'name',
  description: 'description',
  attributes: [],
  content: 'content',
  metadata_id: '1',
  appId: 'app_id',
  mainContentFocus: PublicationMainFocus.TextOnly,
  locale: 'en',

const uploadMetadataHandler = async (data: EncryptedMetadata): Promise<string> => {
  // Upload the encrypted metadata to your server and return a publicly accessible url
  return Promise.resolve('test');

const nftAccessCondition: NftOwnership = {
  contractAddress: '0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000', // the address of the NFT collection, make sure it is a valid address depending on the chosen network
  chainID: 80001, // the chain ID of the network the NFT collection is deployed on;
  contractType: ContractType.Erc721, // the type of the NFT collection, ERC721 and ERC1155 are supported
  tokenIds: ['1', '2', '3'], // OPTIONAL - the token IDs of the NFTs that grant access to the metadata, if ommitted, owning any NFT from the collection will grant access

const eoaAccessCondition: EoaOwnership = {
  address: '0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000', // the address of the EOA that grants access to the metadata
  chainID: 80001, // the chain ID of the network

const erc20AccessCondition: Erc20TokenOwnership = {
  contractAddress: '0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000', // the address of the ERC20 token that signers should own
  chainID: 80001, // the chain ID of the network
  amount: '1000000000000000000', // the amount of the ERC20 token that grants access to the metadata
  decimals: 18, // the decimals of the ERC20 token that grants access to the metadata
  condition: ScalarOperator.GreaterThanOrEqual, // the condition that must be met to grant access to the metadata, supported conditions are: '==', '!=', '>', '<', '>=', '<='

const profileAccessCondition: ProfileOwnership = {
  profileId: '0x01',

const followAccessCondition: FollowCondition = {
  profileId: '0x01',

const collectAccessCondition: CollectCondition = {
  publicationId: '0x01-0x01',

const andCondition: AndCondition = {
  criteria: [
      token: erc20AccessCondition,
      follow: followAccessCondition,

const orCondition: OrCondition = {
  criteria: [
      collect: collectAccessCondition,
      profile: profileAccessCondition,
}(async () => {
  const sdk = await LensGatedSDK.create({
    provider: new Web3Provider(window.ethereum), // or any ethers Provider
    signer: signer, // a wallet or JsonRpcSigner from wagmi or similar
    env: LensEnvironment.Mumbai,

  // this must be called anytime you change networks, exposed so you can add this to your Web3Provider event handling
  // but not necessary to call explicitly
  await sdk.connect({
    address: '0x1234123412341234123412341234123412341234', // your signer's wallet address
    env: LensEnvironment.Polygon,

  const { error, contentURI, encryptedMetadata } = await sdk.gated.encryptMetadata(
    '0x01', // the signed in user's profile id
      nft: nftAccessCondition,
    }, // or any other access condition object
  // contentURI is ready to be used in the `contentURI` field of your `createPostTypedMetadata` call
  // also exposing the encrypted metadata in case you want to do something with it
  // ... create post using the Lens API ...

  // decrypt metadata
  // in most usecases you will fetch the metadata from the Lens API `getPublications` or similar call that returns
  // publication content,then for content with `isGated` = true, you can apply the decryption function to the
  // publication's metadata object
  const { decrypted } = await sdk.gated.decryptMetadata(encryptedMetadata);

  // deinitializes variables and deletes the SIWE-compatible signature from storage
  await sdk.disconnect();

Access Control

The currently supported access control models are:

  • Follow condition: decrypts content if you follow a given profile id
  • Collect condition: decrypts content if you have collected a given publication
  • Profile ownership: decrypts content if you own a given profile NFT
  • NFT ownership: generic NFT ownership condition for all remaining usecases like:
    • If you own an NFT from a given collection (Bored Apes etc.)
    • If you own an NFT within a specific range of Token IDs (Your first 100 followers)
  • ERC20 token ownership: decrypts content if you own X amount of a given ERC20 token (People with more than 0.1 WETH)
  • EOA ownership: decrypts content exclusively to a given EOA address
  • Boolean combinations of the above (using AND and OR operators)
    • Please note that boolean combinations are limited to 5 conditions at a time and cannot be nested.




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