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Secure OpenAI Key Proxy (SOAKP)


The SOAKP Server library is a powerful and secure solution tailored specifically for web software developers. It offers seamless management and proxying of OpenAI API keys, ensuring the utmost protection for your OpenAI key while enabling unlimited secure JSON Web Token (JWT) generation for authorized users allowing deeper permissions granularity. It is designed to meet the unique needs of web software developers, making it an ideal choice for integrating OpenAI capabilities into web applications and services.

Key Benefits for Web Software Developers:

  1. Enhanced Security: Keep your OpenAI API key safe from unauthorized access and exposure. SOAKP Server ensures the confidentiality of your OpenAI key by securely managing and validating it within your application.

  2. Secure JWT Generation: Generate unlimited secure JWTs for authorized users, enabling them to access the OpenAI API without directly exposing your key. Maintain granular control over API usage while ensuring high-level security.

  3. Web Client Compatibility: SOAKP Server's companion library specifically designed for modern web browsers, soakp-client, acts as a secure connection module, eliminating the need to expose the OpenAI API key in client-side code. soakp-client seamlessly interacts with the OpenAI API using JWT-based authorization.

  4. Simplified Integration: Seamlessly integrate SOAKP into your web applications and services. Both SOAKP and client library offer familiar APIs, making it easy to incorporate OpenAI capabilities without extensive setup or configuration.

  5. Documentation and Support: Benefit from detailed documentation and community support. Both SOAKP and SOAKP client are provided with clear instructions and examples to guide you through the integration process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

With SOAKP, web software developers can confidently leverage the power of the OpenAI API while maintaining robust security measures. It empowers you to protect your OpenAI keys, control API access through secure JWTs, and streamline the integration process within UI applications.

For more details, including installation instructions and code examples, please refer to the SOAKP documentation. Elevate your web applications with secure and efficient OpenAI integration using SOAKP.

Please note that while this package enhances the security of your API key usage, it's always important to follow best practices for security, including regularly rotating keys and monitoring usage for any suspicious activity.


This free software is Licensed under MIT

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