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“Ledger Live Common” @ledgerhq/live-common

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Ledger Live Common (@ledgerhq/live-common) is a JavaScript library available via a NPM package.

This library depends on a bunch of ledgerjs packages and put together the core business logic behind Ledger Live Desktop and Ledger Live Mobile.

The stack is pretty standard for a ES6 and FlowType library. The notable dependencies are libraries like RxJS and BigNumber.js. There is also a bit of React and Redux but exposed in agnostic ways (meaning it's not mandatory to use – there will be dedicated entry point for them to offer utilities like React Hooks).

Table of Contents

Developing with Ledger Live Common

  • Developing setup
  • The different test approaches
    • Unit test of live-common logic
    • End-to-end tests of the ledger-live command
    • Bridge dataset tests
    • Providing mocks to implement UI tests

Are you adding the support of a blockchain to Ledger Live?

This part of the repository is where you will add most of your code.

For a smooth and quick integration:

  • See the developers’ documentation on the Developer Portal and
  • Go on Discord to chat with developer support and the developer community.




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