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A minimal opinionated ES6 web framework (built on top of Express.js) that separates router, controllers and services.

Full documentation and CLI generator will be available soon.

Heavily inspired by Egg.js and Ruby on Rails.

Getting Started

  • To install, run npm i -S xprez
  • To run the example, clone the repo, do npm i, cd example then run xprez s
  • To contribute, please first clone the repo, then run npm i

Executable Bin

By default, apps need to be run with xprez s or xprez serve. The command-line runner will have a scaffolding option available soon.

Example Code Snippet

Sample directory is located in ./example.

Example Code

Required Folder Structure

To start app, run xprez s or xprez serve in the root directory of your project. Notice that you need to strictly follow this structure in order to make your app executable. You can run xprez -h to see all the available options.

├── package-lock.json
├── package.json
├── app
    ├── controllers
        └── user.controller.js
    ├── services
        └── user.service.js
    └── views
        └── user.ejs
└── config
    ├── environments
        ├── development.js
        ├── test.js
        └── production.js
    ├── server.js      ------> App's entry point
    └── routes.js 


npm i @learn-demo/xprez-clone-hf

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