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yarn add @leafygreen-ui/tooltip


npm install @leafygreen-ui/tooltip


import Tooltip from '@leafygreen-ui/tooltip';

  I am an uncontrolled Tooltip!

Output HTML

<button aria-describedby="tooltip-6">
  <div class="leafygreen-ui-1hyfx7x"></div>
  <div class="leafygreen-ui-63ea86">
    <div role="tooltip" id="tooltip-6" class="leafygreen-ui-a17v6a">
      <div class="leafygreen-ui-11wlmto">
        <div class="leafygreen-ui-ry7wu4"></div>
      I am an uncontrolled Tooltip!


Prop Type Description Default
open boolean Controls the component, and determines whether or not the <Tooltip /> will appear open or closed. false
setOpen function If controlling the component, pass state handling function to setOpen prop. This will keep the consuming application's state in-sync with LeafyGreen's state, while the <Tooltip /> component responds to events such as backdrop clicks and a user pressing the Escape key. (boolean) => boolean
initialOpen boolean Passes an initial "open" value to an uncontrolled Tooltip. false
shouldClose function Callback that should return a boolean that determines whether or not the <Tooltip /> should close when a user tries to close it. () => true
align 'top', 'bottom', 'left', 'right' Determines the preferred alignment of the <Tooltip /> component relative to the element passed to the trigger prop. If no trigger is passed, the Tooltip will be positioned against its nearest parent element. 'top'
justify 'start', 'middle', 'end', 'fit' Determines the preferred justification of the <Tooltip /> component (based on the alignment) relative to the element passed to the trigger prop. If no trigger is passed, the Tooltip will be positioned against its nearest parent element. 'start'
trigger function, React.ReactNode A React.ReactNode against which the <Tooltip /> will be positioned, and what will be used to trigger the opening and closing of the Tooltip component, when the Tooltip is uncontrolled. If no trigger is passed, the Tooltip will be positioned against its nearest parent element. If using a ReactNode or inline function, trigger signature is: ({children, ...rest}) => (<button {...rest}>trigger {children}). When using a function, you must pass children as an argument in order for the tooltip to render.
triggerEvent 'hover', 'click' DOM event that triggers opening/closing of <Tooltip /> component 'hover'
darkMode boolean Determines if the <Tooltip /> will appear in dark mode. false
id string id applied to <Tooltip /> component
className string Applies a className to Tooltip container
children node Content that will be rendered inside of <Tooltip />
enabled boolean Enables Tooltip to trigger based on the event specified by triggerEvent. true
onClose function Callback that is called when the tooltip is closed internally. E.g. on ESC press, on backdrop click, on blur.. () => {}
usePortal boolean Determines if the Tooltip will be rendered within a portal. true
portalContainer HTMLElement | null Sets the container used for the popover's portal. NOTE: If using a scrollContainer make sure that the portalContainer is contained within the scrollContainer. E.g, passing the same refrence to scrollContainer and portalContainer.
scrollContainer HTMLElement | null If the popover portal has a scrollable ancestor other than the window, this prop allows passing a reference to that lement to allow the portal to position properly.
portalClassName string Passes the given className to the popover's portal container if the default portal container is being used.
popoverZIndex number Sets the z-index CSS property for the popover.
baseFontSize 13 | 16 font-size applied to typography element default to value set by LeafyGreen Provider
... native div attributes Any other props will be spread on the root div element




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