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LangChain google-gauth

This package contains resources to access Google AI/ML models and other Google services. Authorization to these services use either an API Key or service account credentials that are either stored on the local file system or are provided through the Google Cloud Platform environment it is running on.

If you are running this on a platform where the credentials cannot be provided this way, consider using the @langchain/google-webauth package instead. You do not need to use both packages. See the section on Authorization below.


$ yarn add @langchain/google-gauth


Authorization is either done through the use of an API Key, if it is supported for the service you're using, or a Google Cloud Service Account.

To handle service accounts, this package uses the google-auth-library package, and you may wish to consult the documentation for that library about how it does so. But in short, classes in this package will use credentials from the first of the following that apply:

  1. An API Key that is passed to the constructor using the apiKey attribute
  2. Credentials that are passed to the constructor using the authInfo attribute
  3. An API Key that is set in the environment variable API_KEY
  4. The Service Account credentials that are saved in a file. The path to this file is set in the GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS environment variable.
  5. If you are running on a Google Cloud Platform resource, or if you have logged in using gcloud auth application-default login, then the default credentials.




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