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    VuePress 2 Default Theme +

    This extends the default VuePress 2 theme with some extra power and features such as:

    • Easily distributable default config sets and shared navbar items
    • Additional containers to help spruce up your Markdown
    • Google Analytics/Tag Manager support
    • HubSpot tracking code support
    • Automatic metatag generation
    • Features to help combining different docs sites into a single coherent docs experience
    • Docsearch support
    • Customizable SidebarHeader header for more larger and more complex sites
    • Automatically generated and customizable Previous Versions page
    • Automatically generated and customizable Contributorz page
    • Additional Guide page type
    • Additional global components for YouTube and MailChimp
    • robots.txt and sitemap.xml generation
    • CarbonAds support

    Note that autogeneration of contributors and versioning information currently only works with GitHub. You can, however, manually populate these values for other VCS for now.


    Issues, Questions and Support

    If you have a question or would like some community support we recommend you join us on Slack. Note that this is the Slack community for Lando but we are more than happy to help with this module as well!

    If you'd like to report a bug or submit a feature request then please use the issue queue in this repo.


    We try to log all changes big and small in both THE CHANGELOG and the release notes.


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