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    Pantheon Lando Plugin

    This is the official Lando plugin for Pantheon. When installed it...

    • Closely mimics Pantheon's stack, versions and environment locally
    • Allows you to easily pull your Pantheon site down locally
    • Allows you to easily push your changes back to Pantheon
    • Installs drush, terminus and other power tools.

    Of course, once a user is running their Pantheon project with Lando they can take advantage of all the other awesome development features Lando provides.

    Basic Usage

    Clone a project down from Pantheon.

    # Make and go into an empty directory
    mkdir myproject && cd myproject
    # Go through interactive prompts to get your site from pantheon
    lando init --source pantheon
    # OR do it non-interactively
    lando init \
      --source pantheon \
      --pantheon-auth "$PANTHEON_MACHINE_TOKEN" \
      --pantheon-site "$PANTHEON_SITE_NAME"
    # Start it up
    lando start
    # Import your database and files
    lando pull
    # List information about this app.
    lando info

    Once your project is running you can access relevant tooling commands.

    For more info you should check out the docs:

    Issues, Questions and Support

    If you have a question or would like some community support we recommend you join us on Slack.

    If you'd like to report a bug or submit a feature request then please use the issue queue in this repo.


    We try to log all changes big and small in both THE CHANGELOG and the release notes.


    If you're interested in working on this plugin then we recommend you check out the development guide.


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