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Medusa ShipEngine Fulfillment Plugin

What it does.

Medusa allows us to create fulfillment plugins to manage integrations with shipping providers. This plugin manages an integration with ShipEngine, which we can use to create shipping labels, packing slips, etc for many different providers (usps, ups, fedex, etc).

This plugin allows us to configure different shipping options from providers in the Medusa Admin. It also creates orders in ShipEngine when orders when a fulfillment order is created in Medusa.

If you setup webhooks for shipengine, they will notify Medusa when the order is shipped (when a label is created), and provide medusa with tracking numbers.

For more information on how the fulfillment API works, check out this medusa doc: https://docs.medusajs.com/guides/fulfillment-api


You install this plugin just like any other, in the medusa-config.js file.

It requires 2 data props, and takes 2 optional ones.

    resolve: `@lambdacurry/medusa-fulfillment-shipengine`,
    options: {
      api_key: 'shipengine-api-key',
      api_secret: 'shipengine-secret-key',
      weight_units: 'ounces', // optional property, valid values are 'ounces', 'pounds', or 'grams'.
      dimension_units: 'inches' // optional property, valid values are 'centimeters' or 'inches'.

If you would like shipping notifications connected back into medusa, you will want to setup shipengine webhooks also.

You can do this in the ShipEngine dashboard at https://ship13.shipengine.com/settings/integrations/Webhooks

You need to configure a "On Orders Shipped" webhook that points to ${MEDUSA_URL}/shipengine/webhook

Known limitations

Currently this plugin does not handle returns or swaps. Currently this plugin does not handle generating the shipping price on a per-cart basis. You must set a flat rate.


If you need any help, you can reach out to derek@lambdacurry.dev


npm i @lambdacurry/medusa-multivendor-fulfillment-shipengine

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