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    KTH CKEditor build

    Do not manually edit files in the ckeditor folder!

    This project contains a custom build of the CKEditor.

    To update the CKEditor code, go to the builder and upload the ckeditor/build-config.js file to reuse the same settings and plugins. Download ZIP file, delete the current ckeditor folder, unpack the ZIP file into this repository, and finally commit and push. Also don't forget to update the version using the npm version command.

    When installing this project through npm, run the following command:

    npm install --save-dev @kth/kth-ckeditor-build

    In the module there is a gulp (version 4) task generator which can copy CKEditor files to the your project target directory. They move the plugin as well as a configuration file into your project directory. Here is an example how it can be used.

    const ckGulp = require('@kth/kth-ckeditor-build/gulpfile')
    const ckEditorBuild = ckGulp.buildTask(
    // if there is a vendor task, you can add it there
      gulp.series([ckEditorBuild, vendor], done => {
    // or define as a standalone task which can  then added to the final build task
      gulp.series([ckEditorBuild], done => {

    In order for the configuration file to be used, it has to be configured in the client. For example in your page view module. Attention: for Bootstrap formatting in the editor, provide a Bootstrap CSS path in the contentsCss array. This also a good place to override options that may be needed for your project

    CKEDITOR.replace('editor', {
      customConfig: 'customConfig.js',
      contentsCss: [CKEDITOR.getUrl('contents.css'), 'path-to-bootstrap-css'],
      // We need more height, lets override! height: 1337

    Finally, reference the CKEditor JavaScript file ckeditor/ckeditor.js and optionally ckeditor/adapters/jquery.js if you are using jQuery.

    To test the editor without installing, clone this repository and run npm run server and open http://localhost:5050 in your browser.

    Note about the link dialog

    Currently this works perfectly fine as it is. However, the link dialog is missing a way to edit the link text. Right now, the best way to ensure a specific link text is to first type out the text, then highlight it, then open the link dialog, enter a URL, and click OK. It is being worked on by the CKEditor team, but it's not certain when it's finished.

    Sample config

    For a sample config, check out the server/public/js/index.js file.


    npm i @kth/kth-ckeditor-build

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