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    In-memory Cache Continous Integration

    Npm: @kth/in-memory-cache

    This is how you use the in-memory cache. It is a very basic iplementation.

    const cache = require("@kth/in-memory-cache");
    const user = { firstName: "John", lastname: "Doe" }
    cache.add('user-id', user);
    if (cache.isValid('user-id')) {
        console.log('Users lastname is ' + cache.get('user-id').lastname);

    TTL - Set the time an item is valid

    If a cache item should live for a long time you can set a time to live (TTL) on it in milliseconds on the item.

    const cache = require('@kth/in-memory-cache');
    const aDay = 1000 * 60 * 60 * 24;
    const user = { firstName: 'John', lastname: 'Doe' }
    cache.add('long-caching-object', user, aDay);

    Limit the number of items in the store

    Sometimes you whould like to limit the number of items that are stored in the cache. This is not a FIFO, if there is space, the item will be added. Otherwise silently ignored.

    const cache = require('@kth/in-memory-cache');
    cache.add('key-1', 'value 1');
    cache.add('key-2', 'value 2');
    cache.add('key-3', 'value 3'); // not added, with message
    cache.length(); // 2

    Use your own logger

    Your project probably already have a logging framework, you can pass it to the cache. The default logger is console.

    const cache = require('@kth/in-memory-cache');
    const log = require('someLogger')
    // The logger needs to implement the function info(string)

    Run tests

    To run the tests, do npm magic or run ./ You can also view the tests at

    npm install
    npm test
      Cache - Add
        ✓ 'Null' is an acceptable cache item value.
        ✓ 'Undefined' is an acceptable cache item value.
        ✓ When no TTL is passed, the default 1000ms is used as the time for an item to live.
        ✓ Use a specific TTL for an item to live.
        ✓ When a max slot is set no more items are added, until old ones are removed.
      Cache - Get
        ✓ It is possible to store and get a string.
        ✓ It is possible to store and get a number.
        ✓ It is possible to store and get an object.
        ✓ If the TTL has expired, 'undefined' will be returend for the item key.
        ✓ If there is no matching item in the store 'undefined' will be returned.
      Cache - Remove
        ✓ It is possible to remove one specific item in the cache.
        ✓ It is possible to remove all items in the cache.
        ✓ Nothing happens if you remove an item that is not in the store.
      Cache - Number of slots
        ✓ It is possible to get the numer of items in the cache.
        ✓ It is possible to set the maximum number of items in the cache.
      Cache - logger
        ✓ It is possible to set an external logger.




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