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    ng-wizard is a stepper / wizard component that you can use in your Angular applications. You can access the sample demo project by clicking here.







    Getting started

    Install ng-wizard through npm:

    $ npm install --save ng-wizard

    Include bootstrap CSS file (skip if already imported):

    @import '~bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.min.css';

    Include ng-wizard CSS files:

    /* Mandatory */
    @import '~ng-wizard/themes/ng_wizard.min.css';
    /* Optional */
    /* If a theme other than default is used, the css file for that theme is required. */
    @import '~ng-wizard/themes/ng_wizard_theme_arrows.min.css';
    @import '~ng-wizard/themes/ng_wizard_theme_circles.min.css';
    @import '~ng-wizard/themes/ng_wizard_theme_dots.min.css';

    Import the ng-wizard module into your apps module:

    import { NgModule } from '@angular/core';
    import { NgWizardModule, NgWizardConfig, THEME } from 'ng-wizard';
    const ngWizardConfig: NgWizardConfig = {
      theme: THEME.default
      imports: [
    export class AppModule { }

    Add an ng-wizard component to the html template of your component:

    <ng-wizard [config]="config" (stepChanged)="stepChanged($event)">
      <ng-wizard-step [title]="'Step 1'" [description]="'Step 1 description'"
        [canEnter]="isValidTypeBoolean" [canExit]="isValidFunctionReturnsBoolean.bind(this)">
        <span>Step 1 content</span>
      <ng-wizard-step [title]="'Step 2'" [description]="'Step 2 description'" [state]="stepStates.disabled">
        <span>Step 2 content</span>
      <ng-wizard-step [title]="'Step 3'" [description]="'Step 3 description'"
        [canEnter]="isValidFunctionReturnsObservable.bind(this)" [canExit]="isValidFunctionReturnsBoolean.bind(this)">
        <span>Step 3 content</span>
    <ng-wizard-step [title]="'Step 4'" [description]="'Step 4 description'">
        <span>Step 4 content</span>
      <ng-wizard-step [title]="'Step 5'" [description]="'Step 5 description'" [state]="stepStates.hidden">
        <span>Step 5 content</span>
      <ng-wizard-step [title]="'Step 6'" [description]="'Step 6 description'" [state]="stepStates.error">
        <span>Step 6 content</span>
      <ng-wizard-step [title]="'Step 7'" [description]="'Step 7 description'">
        <span>Step 7 content</span>

    [config] is an optional parameter for ng-wizard component.

    If you want to override ng-wizard default configuration defined in apps module for a specific component, define [config] parameter in your ***.component.ts file.

    import { Component, OnInit } from '@angular/core';
    import { of } from 'rxjs';
    import { NgWizardConfig, NgWizardService, StepChangedArgs, StepValidationArgs, STEP_STATE, THEME } from 'ng-wizard';
      templateUrl: 'app.component.html'
    export class AppComponent implements OnInit {
      stepStates = {
        normal: STEP_STATE.normal,
        disabled: STEP_STATE.disabled,
        error: STEP_STATE.error,
        hidden: STEP_STATE.hidden
      config: NgWizardConfig = {
        selected: 0,
        theme: THEME.arrows,
        toolbarSettings: {
          toolbarExtraButtons: [
            { text: 'Finish', class: 'btn btn-info', event: () => { alert("Finished!!!"); } }
      constructor(private ngWizardService: NgWizardService) {
      ngOnInit() {
      showPreviousStep(event?: Event) {
      showNextStep(event?: Event) {;
      resetWizard(event?: Event) {
      setTheme(theme: THEME) {
      stepChanged(args: StepChangedArgs) {
      isValidTypeBoolean: boolean = true;
      isValidFunctionReturnsBoolean(args: StepValidationArgs) {
        return true;
      isValidFunctionReturnsObservable(args: StepValidationArgs) {
        return of(true);


    NgWizardStep parameters:

    Input parameters:

    Name Type Default Value Description
    title string Step title
    description string Step description
    state STEP_STATE STEP_STATE.normal Step State (normal, disabled, error, hidden)
    component Component A component can be defined for step content.
    canExit `boolean ((args: StepValidationArgs) => boolean) ((args: StepValidationArgs) => Observable)`
    canEnter `boolean ((args: StepValidationArgs) => boolean) ((args: StepValidationArgs) => Observable)`

    Output parameters:

    Name Type Default Value Description
    index number Step Index
    status STEP_STATUS Step Status (untouched, done, active)
    initialStatus STEP_STATUS Initial Step Status (untouched, done, active)
    initialState STEP_STATE Step State (normal, disabled, error, hidden)
    componentRef ComponentRef If the component input parameter is given, it is used to access the instance of this component.

    NgWizardConfig properties:

    Name Type Default Value Description
    selected number 0 Initial selected step
    keyNavigation boolean true Enable/Disable keyboard navigation (left and right keys are used if enabled)
    cycleSteps boolean false Allows to cycle the navigation of steps
    lang { next: string, previous: string } { next: 'Next', previous: 'Previous' } Language variables for buttons
    toolbarSettings ToolbarSettings { toolbarPosition: TOOLBAR_POSITION.bottom, toolbarButtonPosition: TOOLBAR_BUTTON_POSITION.end, showNextButton: true, showPreviousButton: true, toolbarExtraButtons: [] } Toolbar settings
    anchorSettings AnchorSettings { anchorClickable: true, enableAllAnchors: false, markDoneStep: true, markAllPreviousStepsAsDone: true, removeDoneStepOnNavigateBack: false, enableAnchorOnDoneStep: true } Anchor settings
    theme THEME THEME.default Wizard theme (default, arrows, circles, dots)

    ToolbarSettings properties:

    Name Type Default Value Description
    toolbarPosition TOOLBAR_POSITION TOOLBAR_POSITION.bottom Toolbar position (none, top, bottom, both)
    toolbarButtonPosition TOOLBAR_BUTTON_POSITION TOOLBAR_BUTTON_POSITION.end Toolbar button position (start, end)
    showNextButton boolean true show/hide Next button
    showPreviousButton boolean true show/hide Previous button
    toolbarExtraButtons ToolbarButton[] [] Extra buttons to show on toolbar, array of input/buttons elements

    AnchorSettings properties:

    Name Type Default Value Description
    anchorClickable boolean true Enable/Disable anchor navigation
    enableAllAnchors boolean false Activates all anchors clickable all times
    markDoneStep boolean true Add done css
    markAllPreviousStepsAsDone boolean true When a step selected, all previous steps are marked done
    removeDoneStepOnNavigateBack boolean false While navigate back done step after active step will be cleared
    enableAnchorOnDoneStep boolean[] true Enable/Disable the done steps navigation


    This component was created by rewriting the jQuery Smart Wizard 4 in Angular. Thanks to TechLaboratory for .Css files.


    MIT License


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