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    Hackish way to obtain "build once - deploy many times" with nuxtjs.


    Nuxt is neat, but it doesn't respect principles that we consider very important. We want to store config in the environment, we want to build docker images meant to be used in as many environments as possible without additional build steps.

    This issue shows that the problem is not easily solved. There are code solutions for parts of the problem: nuxt-env, monkey-patching router base, defining __webpack_public_path__, etc. But we keep hitting roadblocks, incompatibility with some modules, regressions at upgrades.

    This module is an attempt to solve the problem in a more brute force way. At build time a pseudo-config is transformed so that all values contain easily recognizable placeholders. Then at runtime all the files in .nuxt directory are read and the placeholders are replaced with actual values from current environment. This solution is kinda ugly and it certainly has limitations, but early tests are encouraging.


    // somewhere at the start of nuxt.config.js
    let config = require('config') // or other way to fetch a config from the environment
    if (process.env.NODE_ENV === 'production') {
      const nuxtConfigInject = require('@koumoul/nuxt-config-inject')
      // take a config object and replace all values with placeholders that will be easy to find in built files afterwards
      if (process.argv.slice(-1)[0] === 'build') config = nuxtConfigInject.prepare(config)
      // read all built files and replace config placeholders with actual values
      else nuxtConfigInject.replace(config)
    DEBUG=nuxt-config-inject NODE_ENV=production nuxt build
    DEBUG=nuxt-config-inject NODE_ENV=production nuxt start


    cd demo
    DEBUG=nuxt-config-inject NODE_ENV=production npm run build
    DEBUG=nuxt-config-inject NODE_ENV=production npm run start


    npm i @koumoul/nuxt-config-inject

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