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It's like EventEmitter or EventTarget, but RequestTarget :}


import RequestTarget from '@kothique/request-target';
const rt = new RequestTarget;
/* Like EventEmitter.prototype.on */
rt.on('div', (a, b) => {
  if (=== b && b === Infinity) {
    throw new Error('how dare you?!');
  return a / b;
/* Like EventEmitter.prototype.emit */
const result = rt.request('div', 42, 17);
console.log(`42 / 17 = ${result}`);
try {
  rt.request('div', Infinity, Infinity);
} catch (error) {


Class: RequestTarget

new RequestTarget(options = {})
  • options.callAllHandlers boolean? default: false If true, call all handlers even if a result was received
  • options.getAllResults boolean? default: false If true, results from all handlers are returned as an array on a request. Also, setting this option as true makes options.callAllHandlers true automatically
  • options.autoPromiseAll boolean? default: true If true and options.getAllResults is true, automatically applies Promise.all to the result of RequestTarget#request if there are any promises
  • options.byRequest object? The same options, but for specific requests
/* All request handlers will be evaluated except for 'first-response' request. */
const rt = new RequestTarget({
  callAllHandlers: true,
  byRequest: {
    'first-response': { callAllHandlers: false }
setOptions(options): this
  • options object Global options
  • Returns: this

Shallow merge a given options object with global options.

setOptions(subject, options): this
  • subject string Request subject
  • options object Request options
  • Returns: this

Shallow merge a given options object with the options of the request with a given subject.

on(subject, handler): this

Aliases: addRequestHandler, addHandler.

  • subject string The name of the request
  • handler (...any) => any The handler can also return a Promise
  • Returns: this

Add a handler for a given request type. Return this.

off(subject, handler): this

Aliases: removeRequestHandler, removeHandler.

  • subject string The name of the request
  • handler (...any) => any The handler passed to RequestTarget#on
  • Returns: this

Remove a given request type's handler.

offAll([subject]): this

Aliases: removeAllRequestHandlers, removeAllHandlers.

  • [subject] string The name of the request
  • Returns: this

Remove all handlers for a given request subject, or, if subject is not specified, remove all handlers regardless their request name.

request(subject, ...args): any
  • subject string The name of the request to send
  • args any[] Payload to send with the request
  • Returns: Promise

Returns the result of the request on success, or throws an error. If there are multiple request handlers, they will be evaluated until the first defined value is returned or an error is thrown (unless options.callAllHandlers is set to true). If options.getAllResults is true, all results will be returned as an array; also, if options.autoPromiseAll is true and there is at least one promise returned from a handler, Promise.all will be automatically applie to the resulting array. If all handlers return undefined, or there are no handlers at all, returns undefined.


npm i @kothique/request-target

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