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    Koop Provider for ArcGIS Search

    Provides a GeoService API to ArcGIS Search for Online and Portal

    Build your own Koop provider using koop-provider-sample or docs.

    Test it out

    Run server:

    • npm install
    • npm start

    Example API Query:

    • curl localhost:8080/arcgis-search/FeatureServer/0/query?returnCountOnly=true


    • npm test

    Development output callstack logs

    During development you can output error callstack with

    • NODE_ENV=test npm start

    Deploy to AWS Lambda

    Koop providers can be quickly deployed and scaled with AWS Lambda. To first create the service:

    • npm run lambda-create

    To deploy code updates

    • npm run lambda-update

    AWS Lambda configuration

    By default, AWS Lambda has a 3 second timeout and only 128MB memory. If your Koop provider uses a slower service, then you should change the AWS Lambda timeout to a higher time limit (e.g. 60 seconds) as well as add more memory (e.g. 512MB).

    With Docker

    • docker build -t koop-provider-arcgis-search .
    • docker run -it -p 8080:8080 koop-provider-arcgis-search

    Publish to npm

    • run npm init and update the fields
      • Choose a name like koop-provider-foo
    • run npm publish


    npm i @koopjs/provider-arcgis-search

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