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Kontent.ai Webhook helper

This package aims to help you with Webhooks received from Kontent.ai projects. Currently, it:


Install package:

npm i --save-dev @kontent-ai/webhook-helper

Signature verification

To verify whether a signature is valid use:

import { signatureHelper } from '@kontent-ai/webhook-helper';

const isValid = signatureHelper.isValidSignatureFromString(
    payload, // the original string payload 
    secret, // secret can be obtained from Webhook definition in Kontent.ai project
    signature // can be obtained from 'x-kc-signature' header present in webhook request;

Keep in mind that the contents of payload have to be exactly the same (including whitespaces) as the original webhook body, otherwise, the validation will fail. If you already parsed the payload into an object, you should be able to transform it back to the way it originaly was with these settings:

const payload: string = JSON.stringify(jsonPayload,null,2);

The stringify method can sometimes add Windows line breaks which cause the resulting payload to mismatch the webhook body. In this instance there is an included method you can use:

payload = signatureHelper.replaceLinebreaks(payload);

Generate hash

import { signatureHelper } from '@kontent-ai/webhook-helper';

const hash = signatureHelper.getHashFromString(payload, secret);

Response model types

If you are using Typescript you may use provided interfaces to access webhook properties in a strongly typed manner.

Webhook response

import { WebhookResponse } from '@kontent-ai/webhook-helper';

const rawResponse: WebhookResponse = {
    notifications: [
        data: {
            system: {
            id: "aa7f127f-1920-4454-a89a-0609aba8ea6f",
            name: "This changes everything!",
            codename: "this_changes_everything_",
            collection: "marketing",
            workflow: "default",
            workflow_step: "published",
            language: "default",
            type: "product_update",
            last_modified: "2024-03-25T07:55:57.0563735Z",
        message: {
            environment_id: "0f5b6cb2-ea82-014e-ac74-f71e7e8b6aee",
            object_type: "content_item",
            action: "published",
            delivery_slot: "published",

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