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    Component for adding files to the browser.

    IMPORTANT: This component uses JavaScript canvas.toBlob method. This method is not supported by mobile browsers. To work properly in mobile browsers, you need a polyfill. You can add blueimp-canvas-to-blob to your project.

    • lightweight
    • "renderless"
    • no external library
    • generate thumbs and process images

    vue-file-tray is a component for adding and processing files. Most common use case is of course uploading files to server, but file-tray does not do any uploading on it's own. Instead, it stores the files objects in accessible files data property, so you can process them however you like.

    vue-file-tray is a modern web component – it uses canvas for processing thumbnails and crunching images, and it uses DataEvent for transferring file data to browser. it does not provide fallback support for old IE browsers.

    Front end users can add files to vue-file-tray by dropping them over it, or using standard browser dialog. The latter option will then also work on mobile.

    vue-file-tray can take care of validation, will generate data for thumbnails or resized images. How to further upload or process the files is up to you.

    vue-file-tray is a single element component – it's just a plain <div> and has no default styling. This makes vue-file-tray a very flexible component. Remember to add some styling when you render it, otherwise it will not be visible. It also has a default slot, so it can contain any HTML. This is useful for e.g. rendering thumbnails.

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    npm i @konfy/vue-file-tray

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