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Your conference website made easy

What is Konf?

Konf is a optioned CLI tool thats generate a static Event/Conference landing page.


  • Simple commands
  • Generate to static files from Stylus, PUG and YAML
  • Data files (.yml) with .pug files are converted to static HTML
  • Schedule, Speakers, Sponsors and other configs: All is a .yml file
  • No package.json. No dependencies. Zero configuration


[sudo] npm install -g @konf/konf


➖ New project: konf new

Generate a new project.

➖ Server: konf server

Create a server with LiveReload. Each change in the src folder, a build will be executed.

➖ Build: konf build

Only build static files to a chosen folder.

Example for a simple project

1 ▫️ Generate a new project and answer the questions

konf new

2 ▫️ In Konf file (konf.yml) choose your theme, "dist" folder, server port and other configs.

3 ▫️ Create a static server

konf server

Open http://localhost:9001 (9001 is a default port) in your favorite browser.

⚠️ ATTENTION: Just change the files from src folder.


❔Where I put the static files (images, videos...)?

  • In folder theme (src/themes/{THEME_NAME}/public/). All files and folders putting here will be copied to {DIST_FOLDER}/assets/.

❔Can I use another css-preprocessor or pure CSS?

  • Not. Only Stylus is available for while.


  1. git checkout -b my-feature
  2. git add --all
  3. git commit -m "My commit message about my-feature"
  4. git push origin my-feature
  5. Open a PR =]

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MIT License ©️ Konf