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The KomenciKit library is a wrapper for the Komenci Service API, which is used for fee-less onboarding by allowing the consumer to execute fee-less attestations with the help of MetaTransactions.

The main actions that KomenciKit exposes are:

  • startSession: Initiate a Komenci session with a solved captcha
  • deployWallet: deploy a MTW for Valora's EOA
  • requestAttestations: request attestations fee-lessly
  • selectIssuers: wrapper for Attestation.selectIssuers as meta-tx
  • completeAttestation: wrapper for Attestations.complete as a meta-tax
  • setAccount: wrapper for Accounts.setAccount as a meta-tx
  • submitMetaTransaction: submit arbitrary allowed meta transactions via Komenci

User Guide

KomenciKit requires an instance of contractKit, an EOA that's managed by the contractKit instance and options which must at least include the URL of the Komenci API to point to.

import { newKit } from '@celo/contractkit'
import { KomenciKit } from "@komenci/kit"

const contractkit = newKit('https://alfajores-forno.celo-testnet.org:8545')

const komenciKit = new KomenciKit(contractkit, "0xaaaa...aaaa", {
    url: 'api.komenci.celo.org' // I made this up

See examples/attestation-flow.ts for an example of a full attestation flow executed via KomenciKit

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