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React Semantic Toasts

Simple and easy Semantic UI animated toast notifications for React



$ npm install --save react-semantic-toasts semantic-ui-react semantic-ui-css


The library does not depend on semantic-ui-css anymore, make sure to import semantic.min.css or at the very least, to include the following components:

import 'semantic-ui-css/components/reset.min.css';
import 'semantic-ui-css/components/site.min.css';
import 'semantic-ui-css/components/container.min.css';
import 'semantic-ui-css/components/icon.min.css';
import 'semantic-ui-css/components/message.min.css';
import 'semantic-ui-css/components/header.min.css';

Import the library into your project using ES6 module syntax:

import { SemanticToastContainer, toast } from 'react-semantic-toasts';
import 'react-semantic-toasts/styles/react-semantic-alert.css';

Render the SemanticToastContainer component:

render() {
    return <SemanticToastContainer />;

Fire as many notifications as you want

setTimeout(() => {
            title: 'Info Toast',
            description: <p>This is a Semantic UI toast</p>
        () => console.log('toast closed'),
        () => console.log('toast clicked'),
        () => console.log('toast dismissed')
}, 1000);

setTimeout(() => {
        type: 'warning',
        icon: 'envelope',
        title: 'Warning Toast',
        description: 'This is a Semantic UI toast wich waits 5 seconds before closing',
        animation: 'bounce',
        time: 5000,
        onClose: () => alert('you close this toast'),
        onClick: () => alert('you click on the toast'),
        onDismiss: () => alert('you have dismissed this toast')
}, 5000);


Toast Container

The <SemanticToastContainer> receives an optional position prop, which can be one of top-right, top-center, top-left, bottom-right, bottom-center or bottom-left.

The type of animation can be specifed using an optional animation prop with any supported SemanticUI animation value. If not present, will be derived from the container position.

<SemanticToastContainer position="top-right" />

Max Toasts

Supply the maxToasts prop to <SemanticToastContainer> to control the amount of toasts visible at any given time.

  • maxToasts - The amount of toasts to display at once. On new toasts, the toaster will dismiss the oldest toast to say within the limit.
<SemanticToastContainer position="top-right" maxToasts={3}/>


The toast notification function receives a toast options object and optional close, click and dismiss callbacks as function arguments:

toast(options, onClose, onClick, onDismiss);

Toast Options

  • title - The header of the toast
  • description - The content of the toast
  • type - Can be one of info, success, warning, or error
  • icon - Override the default icon
  • color - Override color with semantic values
  • size - Size of toast with semantic values
  • list - Array of strings for showing an item menu inside the toast
  • time - Duration to keep the toast open, 0 to wait until closed by the user
  • onClose - The function that will be called when the toast is closed (either if you have clicked the close sign or if the toast has been closed after time has passed)
  • onClick - The function that will be called when you click on the toast
  • onDismiss - The function that will be called when you click to close the toast. onClose function will be called afterwards.
  • animation - Override the default toast container animation


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