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    React component that reports the current scroll percentage of a element inside the viewport. It uses React Intersection Observer to only report the percentage when the element is inside the viewport.

    import ScrollPercentage from 'react-scroll-percentage'
      {( percentage ) => (
        <h2>{`Percentage scrolled: ${percentage.toPrecision(2)}%.`}</h2>


    See for a demo.


    Install using Yarn:

    yarn add react-scroll-percentage

    or NPM:

    npm install react-scroll-percentage --save


    The <ScrollPercentage /> accepts the following props:

    Name Type Default Required Description
    tag Node 'div' true Element tag to use for the wrapping component
    children ((percentage: number, inView: boolean) => Node) true Children should be either a function or a node
    threshold Number 0 false Number between 0 and 1 indicating the percentage that should be visible before triggering
    onChange (percentage: number, inView: boolean) => void false Call this function whenever the in view state changes
    innerRef (element: ?HTMLElement) => void false Get a reference to the inner DOM node

    Example code

    Render prop

    The basic usage pass a function as the child. It will be called whenever the state changes, with the current value of percentage and inView.

    Note that will still render a wrapping element (default is a <div>). You can change to element by setting tag, and any excess props like className will be passed to the element

    import ScrollPercentage from 'react-scroll-percentage'
      {(percentage, inView ) => (
        <h2>{`Percentage scrolled: ${percentage.toPrecision(2)}%.`}</h2>

    OnChange callback

    You can monitor the onChange method, and control the state in your own component. The child node will always be rendered.

    import ScrollPercentage from 'react-scroll-percentage'
    <ScrollPercentage onChange={(percentage, inView) => console.log(percentage, inView)}>
        Plain children are always rendered. Use onChange to monitor state.


    Intersection Observer

    Intersection Observer is the API is used to determine if an element is inside the viewport or not. Browser support is pretty good, but Safari is still missing support.

    Can i use intersectionobserver?

    You can import the polyfill directly or use a service like to add it when needed.

    yarn add intersection-observer

    Then import it in your app:

    import 'intersection-observer'

    If you are using Webpack (or similar) you could use dynamic imports, to load the Polyfill only if needed. A basic implementation could look something like this:

      .then(() => /* Render React application now that your Polyfills are ready */)
    * Do feature detection, to figure out which polyfills needs to be imported.
    function loadPolyfills() {
      const polyfills = []
      if (!supportsIntersectionObserver()) {
      return Promise.all(polyfills)
    function supportsIntersectionObserver() {
      return (
        'IntersectionObserver' in global &&
        'IntersectionObserverEntry' in global &&
        'intersectionRatio' in IntersectionObserverEntry.prototype


    To optimize scroll updates, requestAnimationFrame is used. Make sure your target browsers support it, or include the required polyfill.


    npm i @kohlmannj/react-scroll-percentage

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