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    Knawat Node.js NPM Package (MP)

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    A Node.js package for Knawat Dropshipping Merchants REST API. Easily interact with the Knawat MP REST API using this library.


    npm install @knawat/mp --save
    yarn add @knawat/mp

    Getting started

    Check out the Knawat Dropshipping MP REST API endpoints and data that can be manipulated in our documentations.


    Setup for the new Knawat Dropshipping REST API integration:

    const MP = require('@knawat/mp');
    // Provide instance with your store credentials
    const mp = new MP({
    // Provide instance with a generated access_token
    const mp = new MP({
    // Or use your store id/URL
    // Supported using basic auth only
    const mp = new MP({


    Option Type Required Description
    key string conditional Your Store's API consumer key if token not provided this field is required
    secret string conditional Your Store's API consumer secret if token not provided this field is required
    store string conditional Your store current store URL
    apiRateLimit object optional Overwrite the API rate limit (not recommended)
    SET_ASYNC string optional Overwrite the async setting for api call

    Getting Access tokens

    Library Methods

    Products Functions

    All the functions mentioned here return a promise and it's an async function.

    What's mentioned between [brackets] are the authentication method used for the functions.


    mp.getProducts() // return a promise.

    Note: the methods with the Dev tag is still underdevelopment.

    REST Function

    This function is used internally as a wrapper for the library. An Async function that requests Data from server.

    Params Type Description
    Method string HTTP Methods for RESTful Services (Get, Put, Post, Patch, Delete)
    Path string WooCommerce API endpoint, example: catalog/products or orders/{order_id}
    options Object options { SET_ASYNC, queryParams, auth, body, headers }
    mp.$fetch(method, path, (options = {}));


    mp.$fetch('GET', '/catalog/categories', { auth: 'token' }); // returns object : count and categories array

    postman and bearer token.

    If you want to test the API on the postman you can get the bearer token by using this following methods:

    mp.getTokenAuth(); // Async function

    After that you can use the available methods to test and see the results you got!.

    Reporting Security Issues

    To disclose a security issue to our team, please submit a report here.

    Support & Chat

    Developers are welcome here, please create issue or chat with us This repository is not suitable for Knawat customers support. Please don't use our issue tracker for support requests, but for Knawat Dropshipping NPM Package issues only. Support can take place through Knawat support portal which is available for free.

    Support requests in issues on this repository will be closed on sight.

    Contributing to Knawat

    If you have a patch or have stumbled upon an issue with Knawat NPM Package, you can contribute this back to the code. Please create a pull request.

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