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    JIRA to MarkDown text format converter

    Convert from JIRA text formatting to GitHub Flavored Markdown and back again. Also allows for both to be converted to HTML.


    This module was heavily inspired by the J2M project by Fokke Zandbergen. Major credit to Fokke (and other contributors) for establishing a lot of the fundamental RexExp patterns for this module to work.


    npm install @kmatthews/jira2md

    Supported Conversions

    NOTE: All conversion work bi-directionally (from jira to markdown and back again).

    • Headers (H1-H6)
    • Bold
    • Italic
    • Bold + Italic
    • Un-ordered lists
    • Ordered lists
    • Programming Language-specific code blocks (with help from herbert-venancio)
    • Inline preformatted text spans
    • Un-named links
    • Named links
    • Monospaced Text
    • Citations (Removed in 2.0.0)
    • Strikethroughs
    • Inserts
    • Superscripts
    • Subscripts
    • Single-paragraph blockquotes
    • Tables (thanks to erykwarren)
    • Panels (thanks to erykwarren)

    How to Use

    Markdown String

    We'll refer to this as the md variable in the examples below.

    **Some bold things**
    *Some italic stuff*
    ## H2

    Atlassian Wiki Syntax

    We'll refer to this as the jira variable in the examples below.

    *Some bold things**
    _Some italic stuff_
    h2. H2


    // Include the module
    var j2m = require('jira2md'); or import jira2md from 'jira2md';
    // If converting from Markdown to Jira Wiki Syntax:
    var jira = j2m.to_jira(md);
    // If converting from Jira Wiki Syntax to Markdown:
    var md = j2m.to_markdown(jira);
    // If converting from Markdown to HTML:
    var html = j2m.md_to_html(md);
    // If converting from JIRA Wiki Syntax to HTML:
    var html = j2m.jira_to_html(jira);

    Running tests

    You can run yarn test or npm test


    Q. Why doesn't this module support conversion of inline markdown?

    A. Jira doesn't support inline code formatting, so the best we can do is to keep the backticks in place.


    npm i @kmatthews/jira2md

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