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A list of ways senpai may or may not notice you.

What is this, anyway?

This is a passion project by Kiera Manion-Fischer. She needed to come up with a creative way to get senpai to notice her, so she came up with this list of possible ways senpai might. Version 1.0.0 is a text-based list, but she hopes it will soon form the basis of a cute little fortune cookie website.

Who is senpai, and why do you want them to notice you?

"Senpai" is a Japanese honorific term meaning senior, somewhat similar to the word "mentor" in the West, but with a less strong relationship implied. KnowYourMeme has a pretty good explanation of how the senpai meme got started.

You didn't really answer the question, Kiera


How to contribute

  • How has your senpai noticed or failed to notice you? Add a pull request to the senpai.txt file.
  • Please avoid gendered language. For the purpose of this project, senpai doesn't have a specific gender. Senpai could be any gender.


npm i @kmanion/senpai

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